Dr Gary Burke


Economics and Strategy Group

Position: Lecturer 

Phone: +44 (0)121 204 3184 Email: burkeg@aston.ac.uk Room: SW1016

  • 2011 PhD in Work & Organisational Psychology, Aston Business School (Passed, no corrections)
  • 2007 MBA., Aston Business School (Distinction)
  • 2000 BA (Hons) Business Studies (Upper Second-Class)
  • 2012 Lecturer in Strategy
  • 2010-2012 Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Aston University
  • 2009-2010 Sessional Lecturer, Aston Business School
  • 2004-2005 Executive Development Programme Manager, Aston Business School
  • 2003-2004 Research Assistant, Aston Business School
  • BSM999 Strategic Management
  • SE1500 Introduction to Business Management

I use in-depth qualitative research approaches to study how managers work in complex pluralistic settings that are often characterised by multiple rationalities, logics and identities. My research is problem-centered, focussing on questions such as how do managers adopt to new strategic challenges or balance competing demands? Theoretically, my research draws from theories of identity, culture, social practice and micro institutions. Methodologically, my work tends to be process-oriented and ethnographic in nature, with a growing interest in using video-ethnographic approaches. My current research projects are addressing three key topics; (1) how organizational identities change over time, (2) how managers perform coexistence of contradictory logics, (3) how managers use space and embodied practices during high-stakes strategic episodes.

ESRC, 2012. Topic: Charting New Territory: Positioning the UK (Lloyd's) in a changing global reinsurance landscape. Amount: £113, 000. (ES/K000926/1). Co-investigator with Paula Jarzabkowski (Principal Applicant) and Michael Smets (Co-investigator).
  • Academy of Management
  • European Group for Organizational Studies


  • Smets, M., Jarzabkowski, P., Burke, G.T. & Spee, P. (2012). Reinsurance Trading in Lloyd's of London: Balancing Conflicting-yet-complementary Logics in Practice. Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management.
  • Subramaniam, N., Collier, P.M. & Phang, M. & Burke, G.T. (2011). The effects of perceived business uncertainty, external consultants and risk management on organisational outcomes. Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change, 7(2): 132-157.


  • Collier, P., Berry, A.J. & Burke, G.T. (2007). Risk and Management Accounting: Best Practice Guidelines for Enterprise-Wide Internal Control Procedures. Elsevier, Oxford.


  • Collier, P., Berry, A.J. & Burke, G.T. (2006). Risk and management: Best practice guidelines for enterprise-wide internal control procedures. CIMA Research Executive Summaries Series, 2(11).

Work in Progress

Papers under review

  • Burke, G.T. (1st revise & resubmit). Organizational identity change in cross-institutional contexts: The development of a hybrid organizational identity.

  • Bednarek, R., Burke, G.T., Jarzabkowski, P. & Smets, M. (Under review). Leveraging client relationships to support knowledge generation: An organizational ambidexterity perspective.

  • Smets, M., Jarzabkowski, P., Burke, G.T. & Spee, P. (Under review). Reinsurance Trading in Lloyd's of London: Balancing Conflicting-yet-complementary Logics in Practice.

Other work in progress

  • Burke, G.T., Jarzabkowski, P., Smets, M. & Spee, P. (2012). Trading spaces: The embodiment of risk-trading episodes. EGOS Colloquium July 2012, Helsinki, Finland

  • Smets, M., Burke, G.T., Jarzabkowski, P. & Spee, P. (2011). Charting new territory for organizational ethnography: Insights from a team-based video ethnography of reinsurance trading in Lloyd’s of London. EGOS Colloquium July 2012, Helsinki, Finland

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research