Dr Agelos Delis

Economics and Strategy Group

Dr Agelos Delis
I joined Aston Business School in September 2011, having spent the previous two years as Visiting Lecturer at the University of Cyprus. Prior to that, I was for two and a half years Research Fellow at the Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy (GEP), University of Nottingham.

Position: Lecturer in Economics
Phone: +44(0)121 204 3247
Email: a.delis@aston.ac.uk  
Room: SW1009

  • BSc in Economics, University of Macedonia, Greece, 2000

  • MSc in International Economics, University of Birmingham, 2001

  • PhD in Economics, University of Leicester, 2008

  • BS3332 Economics of Multi-National Enterprise
  • BS2222 Emerging and Transition Economies (2nd Semester)

 International Economics, International Trade, FDI & Firm Performance
  • “A Dual Definition for the Factor Content of Trade and its Effect on Factor Rewards in US Manufacturing Sector”, (with Theofanis Mamuneas), forthcoming in Economic Inquiry.

  • “A Decomposition of the Determinants of Changes in US Commodity Net Exports 1966-1991”, working paper, June 2009.

  • “The Causal Effects of Exporting and Multinational Acquisitions on TFP in UK. An Evaluation Method Approach”, GEP Research Paper, April 2008.

Work In progress

  • “An Evaluation of the Causal Effects of Exporting on UK TFP Using Dynamic Matching”.

  • “Technology, Factor Supplies and the Demand Side: A Simple Test of the Heckscher-Ohlin Model for the US”.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research