Professor Tomasz Mickiewicz

Economics, Finance & Entrepreneurship Group

Tomasz Mickiewicz

I joined Aston Business School in January 2012. My previous position was Professor of Comparative Economics at SSEES University College London (since 2008), where I started as a lecturer in 1996. Prior to that I spent one year as a researcher at the University of California in Davis. My first academic post was at the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. In the past I also served on the board of directors of a major privatised producer of herbs ‘Herbapol’, worked with OIC International on a business incubators programme and also spent some time in public administration as the deputy mayor of Lublin, responsible for economic matters.

Position: Professor
Role: Head of Group
Email: t.mickiewicz@aston.ac.uk
Phone: +44(0) 121 204 3007 
Room: SW1014

  • MA, Catholic University of Lublin, 1984

  • PhD, Catholic University of Lublin, 1988

  • Habilitation in economics, Marie Curie University, 2008

  • 2013 - Present Head of Group - Economics & Strategy, Aston University        
  • 2012 - Present Professor of Economics, Aston Business School
  • 2008-2011 Professor of Comparative Economics, University College London

  • 2002-2008 Senior Lecturer in Economic Restructuring, University College London

  • 1996-2002 Lecturer in Economic Restructuring, University College London

  • 1995-1996 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of London

  • 1992-1996 Lecturer in Economics, Institute of Economics, Catholic University of Lublin

  • 1991-1992 Researcher, Department of Economics and Institute of Governmental Affairs, University of California, Davis

  • 1990-1991 Deputy Mayor, City of Lublin

  • 1986-1992 Assistant Lecturer in Economics, Institute of Economics, Catholic University of Lublin

  • BH1109, International Perspectives in Organisations (with Dr Jonathan Crawshaw)

  • BS2222, Emerging and Transitional Economies (from 2012-2013)

  • Comparative entrepreneurship

  • Social entrepreneurship

  • High growth aspiration entrepreneurship

  • Informal economy, tax avoidance

  • Foreign direct investment

  • Applications of institutional theory to both entrepreneurship and international business

Completed in 2011:

  • EU Framework 7 programme grant on joint venture financing in Europe (coordinator: Prof. Massimo Colombo, Milano)

  • ESRC research grant on the role of national and regional governance structures in explaining FDI flows (coordinator: Prof. Nigel Driffield, Aston)

Leading PhD advisor for the following ongoing projects:

  • Alena Pivavarava: Outward FDI from Russia
  • Daphne Athanasouli: Linkages between Corruption and Private and Public Sector Management (joint with UCL)
  • Anna Rebmann: Determinants of High Aspirations of Entrepreneurs in Comparative Perspective (joint with UCL)
  • Paulina Stepien: Trust and Entrepreneurship (joint with UCL)

Available to supervise new suitable applicants in all areas of quantitative entrepreneurship research, with reference to institutional context of entrepreneurship in particular.

  • Associate Editor, Regional Studies. (June 1, 2013 - June 30, 2016)

  • Editorial Board Member, Post Communist Economies. (2009 - Present)

  • Review Board Member, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (Jan 1, 2015 - Present)

  • Consulting Board Member, Economic Sytems. (2010 - Present)

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Acta Oeconomica.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Comparative Economic Studies.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Corporate Governance: International Review.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Economic Letters.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Economics of Translation.

  • Reviewer, Book, Edward Elgar.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Ekonomika.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Europe-Asia Studies.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, European Societies.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Geografia Polonica.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Growth and Change: A Journal of Urban and Regional Policy.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, International Journal of Managerial Finance.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Business Venturing.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Economic Growth.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of International Relations and Development.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Management Studies.

  • Reviewer, Book, Palgrave-Macmillan.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Post-Communist Studies.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Research Policy.

  • Reviewer, Book, Routledge.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Slovo.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Small Business Economics.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Transnational Corporations.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, World Development.                                                            

  • President of the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies.
  • Member, Academy of Management, Entrepreneurship division.
  • Member, Association of Polish Economists.