The principles that underpin EREBUS are to:

  • enhance the region’s capability for wealth creation through transforming businesses, transforming research, transforming researchers and transforming Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

  • partner with forward thinking businesses who are aiming to transform their practice through innovative thinking

  • strengthen business engagement and research capability among researchers

  • undertake world-class research and knowledge co-production to promote innovative business transformation

  • promote a culture of trust, ethical behaviour, openness and innovation throughout its community so that all members may benefit from best practice in business engagement.

EREBUS focuses upon three of the ESRC’s priority areas namely energy, financial services and health technologies. Collaborative opportunities now exist through; Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), CollAborative StudEntships (CASE), short-term work placements for doctoral students and the provision of expert advice ‘vouchers’ to access specialized academics.

Finance projects

Finance projects

EREBUS is a collaboration between Aston University, University of Birmingham and University of Warwick