Strategic HR, high-performance teamwork and globally relevant leadership

Our research advances practice in strategic human resource management, showing how businesses can implement strategic change by bringing together organisational and individual strengths. It helps create the processes that enable individual leaders and employees to drive organisational success.

Examples of our research in this area:

Human resource management (HRM) and internal marketing in Indian call centres

Funding from the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) enabled Professor Pawan Budhwar and Dr Neeru Malhotra to conduct research into the main human resource problems facing the Indian call centre sector. The research identified factors that influence the growth of businesses, with a particular focus on the effect of internal marketing strategies on employee attitudes and organisational performance.

Indian Call Centres

Aston Centre for Human Resources (ACHR)

A primary focus of ACHR is strategic HRM and it's role in organisational innovation and performance. It is increasingly recognised that employee contributions are key to creating and sustaining competitive advantage, and that empowerment and ‘justice’ deserve attention both in humanising the work environment and in getting the best from employees. A further focus is the role of HR in corporate social responsibility and the factors that contribute to the creation of ethical organisations.



This national research study, launched in 2010 by the British Science Association, was designed and conducted by Professor Nick Lee and Laura Chamberlain from Aston Business School and Dr Carl Senior from the School of Life and Health Sciences. The research looked at how consumers react to different types of advertisements and what the processes are that may lead to positive behaviour change (such as eating more healthily).


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research