Entrepreneurship and sustainability

Entrepreneurship and sustainability are vital to economic growth and stability. At Aston, we create tools that enable communities, policy makers and practitioners to develop sustainable businesses. Our research analyses entrepreneurial activity and the impact of sustainability, and we promote the principles of corporate social responsibility to organisations and economies worldwide.

In January 2013, Aston Business School and Warwick Business School launched a new ESRC funded Enterprise Research Centre.

Examples of our research in this area:

Entrepreneurship: the key to economic recovery?

Professor Mark Hart, an expert on small business and enterprise, leads the Global Entrepreneurial Monitor (GEM) UK in collaboration with Dr Jonathan Levie at Strathclyde Business School. GEM (UK) analyses the contribution of entrepreneurial aspiration, intention and activity to economic recovery, and is a recognised provider of intelligence on UK enterprise. It's extensive research enables policy makers to gain a wider understanding of the impact and contribution individuals can make to economic growth, with an emphasis on how governments can encourage entrepreneurial activity.

Climate change and corporate social responsibility

With funding from the British Council, Drs Ataur Belal and Stuart Cooper, with Professor Prasanta Dey, are working in collaboration with researchers at Dhaka University in Bangladesh to heighten awareness of environmental and climate change issues amongst business leaders. The results of the research will inform future corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies of the government of Bangladesh, one of the developing countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Climate change

Sustainability and green issues

The Centre for Sustainability and Innovation is an inter-disciplinary research centre focusing on sustainability, innovation and green issues. Over the past three years, with funding from Aston University, it has sponsored a series of seed corn grants covering such topics as corporate climate change reporting in the media, community engagement in sustainability, greenwash in corporate reporting, lifelong learning, sustainability and urban regeneration, and semantic technologies and sustainability.


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