Research Strengths

Aston Business School is internationally renowned for the strength of its research and teaching. Both are carried out to an exceptionally high standard and benefits both business and policy makers worldwide.

We work in collaboration with industry, governments and the academic community to produce new research initiatives, with a particular focus on applied research that contributes to sustainable economic growth and development.

Our comprehensive research delivers on four key strengths, which have been the focus of a number of specific research projects undertaken by both the Research Groups and Research Centres. The research projects demonstrate the ways in which Aston Business School impacts society at both a national and global scale.

NESTA research

1. Strategic HR, high performance teamwork and globally relevant leadership

Our research advances practice in strategic human resource management, showing how businesses can implement strategic change by bringing together organisational and individual strengths. It helps create the processes that enable individual leaders and employees to drive organisational success.

2. International investment, finance and innovation

Our research reveals the main enablers and inhibitors of innovation and their effect on performance, profitability and growth. We also analyse economic conditions and how they encourage innovation. Our results consistently highlight the impact of knowledge sharing and it's importance in shaping best practice for the future.

3. Entrepreneurship and sustainability

Vital to economic growth and stability, at Aston we create tools that enable communities, policy makers and practitioners to develop sustainable businesses. Our research analyses entrepreneurial activity and the impact of sustainability, and we promote the principles of corporate social responsibility to organisations and economies worldwide.

4. The practice of strategy, change management and performance management

Our research helps organisations to increase their agility and develop strategies which meet multiple needs. In addition it demonstrates how organisations can manage and lead through change, identifying areas in which they can adapt to changing markets and develop a competitive advantage.

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