Steering the Regulatory State: The Rationale behind the Creation and Diffusion of Independent Regulatory Agencies in Liberalized Utility Sectors in the Developing Countries: Thoughts and Reflections on the Egyptian Case (RP1103)


  • Dr Ahmed Badran (ACCIS)

Non-Technical Summary:

The initial findings of the paper show that differences at the contextual level between Egypt and the Western European countries wherein the Independent Regulatory Agency model has been originated lead to different explanations for the creation and diffusion of such a model. The creation of the Independent Regulatory Agencies in Egypt particularly in the telecommunications sector was very much instrumental. In other words, it can be explained on functional and practical grounds rather than any other factors of democratic governance or political uncertainties.

Keywords:Telecommunication Regulation, the Regulatory State, Independent Regulatory Agencies, Policy Transfer, Egypt.

ISBN: 978-1-85449-769-7

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