Do Strategic Groups Play a Role in the SME Financing Process?

This exploratory paper, developing a conceptual model of owner-manager characteristics and...(November 2009, More details)

Dynamics in Systematic Liquidity.

We develop a principal component approach to systematic liquidity measurement by...(November 2009, More details)

R&D, Innovation and Exporting: Evidence from UK new technology based firms.

We examine the relationship between R&D, innovation and exporting for a sample of new technology...(October 2009, More details)

Regulatory Price Performance, Excess Cost Indexes and Profitability: How Effective is Price Cap Regulation in the Water Industry?

In this study we apply an index number approach to allow for cross sectional comparisons...(September 2009, More details)

Drug Testing: A Way to Weed out Users?

The aim of this paper is to provide managers and Human Resource executives...(August 2009, More details)

Building belief in organizational learning: the role of organizational learning efficacy

There appears to be a missing dimension in OL literature to embrace...(July 2009, More details)

Stock repurchases and treasury share sales: Do they stabilize price and enhance liquidity?

The article studies the impact of a firm’s trading in its own shares...(July 2009, More details)

A Review of Barriers to Kerbside Recycling Household Waste in the UK

The review summarises what is currently known about recycling household waste...(July 2009, More details) 

The Innovation Value Chain in New Technology Based Firms: Evidence from the UK

We present the first innovation value chain analysis for a representative sample...(July 2009, More details) 

Measuring Economies of Horizontal and Vertical Integration in the US Electric Power Industry: How Costly is Unbundling?

This research employs econometric analysis on a cross section of American...(July 2009, More details)

Scenario Planning. Teaching how to anticipate Perceived Environmental Uncertainty within Strategy Development

Scenario Planning is a strategy tool with growing popularity in both... (July 2009, More details)

Does Money Matter in Inflation Forecasting

This paper provides the most fully comprehensive evidence to date on... (July 2009, More details)

Can Grassroots Organisations and NGOs Substitute for the State in Russia? – A Review of the Literature and Suggestions for a Future Research Agenda

The paper investigates the relationship between civil society and the state.... ( April 2009, More details )

How Consumers Conceptualise Retail Brand Personality

Brand personality captures core values and characteristics described in human personality with an attempt to humanise and flesh out brands.... ( April 2009, More details )

Measuring Information Society with Linear Programming

The measurement of different aspects of information society has been problematic over along time, and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is spearheading in developing a single ICT index.... ( March 2009, More details )

Strategic Planning as Communicative Process

This paper looks at how a strategic plan is constructed through a communicative process.... ( March 2009, More details )

Assessing Pupil and School Performance by Non-Parametric and Parametric Techniques

Often observations are nested within other units.... ( March 2009, More details )

Factors Affecting E-Payment Adoption in Nigeria

For e-commerce to be successful, an efficient e-payment system is the key.... ( March 2009, More details )

“Girls who do Boys like they’re Girls?" Gender and call Centre’s Junior Management

This paper focuses on the structuring of work and organization by exploring the hierarchical and gendered nature of the division of labour within a contemporary service-based organization.... ( January 2009, More details )

The Gendered Academy: Women Academics as Agents for Change

This paper explores the experiences of women academics who have undertaken research on gender in their own organisations....
( January 2009, More details )

Conflicting Pressures and Seductive Contradictions: Women’s Participation and Progress In Management

organisations operating in the West Midlands region of the UK.... ( January 2009, More details )

Meta-Analytic Model Comparisons of Surface and Deep-level Relational Diversity Effects on Social Integration and Individual Effectiveness

While diversity might give an organization a competitive advantage, individuals have a tendency to prefer homogenous group settings.... ( January 2009, More details )

Organizing To Reorganize: Doing End-to-end Management In Practice

This paper takes a practice perspective on organizing, re-conceptualizing coordination mechanisms as dynamic activities that are under continuous construction and modification in order to socially accomplish intra-organizational relationships and activities.... ( January 2009, More details )

The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment And Trade Openness On ICT Expansion: A Comparative Analysis Of Asia Pacific And Middle Eastern Countries

This study investigates the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow and trade openness on the expansion of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for the period of 1996 to 2005, in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions.... ( January 2009, More details )

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