Evolving weights for a new United Kingdom Divisia

Divisia money is a monetary aggregate that gives each component asset an assigned weight.... ( December 2008, More details )

Offshoring: A multi-country study of FDI in high-technology sectors

This paper examines what is still a relatively new phenomenon in the literature, the outsourcing / offshoring of high technology manufacturing and services.... ( December 2008, More details )

Do Keiretsu really hinder FDI into Japanese manufacturing?

This paper examines an issue that has received a good deal of comment in the literature, but little analysis.... ( November 2008, More details )

The efficiency and productivity of Malaysian banks: An output distance function approach

This study employs stochastic frontier analysis to analyze Malaysian commercial banks during 1996-2002, and particularly focuses on determining the impact of Islamic banking on performance.... ( October 2008, More details )

Does ICT promote democracy and economic freedom in Middle East?

This study investigates the impact of information and communication technology (ICT) expansion on economic and social freedom in the Middle East (Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and United Arab Emirates) for the period of 1996 to 2005.... ( September 2008, More details )

Does the balanced scorecard make a difference to the strategy development process?

A great number of strategy tools are being taught in strategic management modules.... ( August 2008, More details )

A DEA model for units with negative data

In this paper we propose an alternative method for measuring efficiency of Decision making Units, which allows the presence of variables with both negative and positive values.... ( July 2008, More details )

Efficiency in Islamic and conventional banking: An international comparison

The paper investigates the efficiency of a sample of Islamic and conventional banks in 10 countries that operate Islamic banking for the period 1996 to 2002, using an output distance function approach. We obtain m... ( June 2008, More details )

The impact of ICT on productivity of airline industry

Airline industry is at the forefront of many technological developments and is often a pioneer in adopting such innovations in a large scale.... ( May 2008, More details )

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and human development

Using panel data for 41 developed and developing countries over the period 1998-2004, this paper examines the links between ICT diffusion and human development.... ( May 2008, More details )

Stock selection with full-scale optimization and differential evolution

When composing stock portfolios, managers frequently choose among hundreds of stocks.... ( May 2008, More details )

Analyzing MSI rules for the USA extracted from a feedforward neural network

This paper introduces a mechanism for generating a series of rules that characterize the money price relationship for the USA, defined as the relationship between the rate of growth of the money supply and inflation.... ( March 2008, More details )

Service innovation, embeddedness and business performance: UK regional evidence

This paper asks to question.... ( March 2008, More details )

A circular meta-Malmquist index for measuring productivity

This paper explores the use of Malmquist indices of productivity change over time satisfying the...(January 2008, More details)

Internet banking acceptance in the context of developing countries

Although a regional leader, Internet banking in Saudi Arabia is yet to be properly utilised as a real value added tool to improve customer relationships and to achieve cost advantages.... ( February 2008, More details )

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