Trade Balance and Real Exchange Rate: New Evidence from Mauritius-UK Trade

In this study we investigate whether there exists a relationship between the exchange rate and the trade balance using bilateral data for the Mauritius/UK trade.... ( December 2007, More details )

Community Knowledge Management (CKM): A Framework for Community Action

Knowledge management (KM) is a developing field that focuses on harnessing knowledge for use by a person or community.... ( December 2007, More details )

Board Gender Diversity in UK Firms – Recent Trends and Performance Effects

This paper provides an overview of the position of women directors in UK firms.... ( December 2007, More details )

Investigation of Research in DEA Literature

The present bibliography includes most of the references published in the field of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) up to the year 2007.... ( December 2007, More details )

The New Generation: Characteristics and Motivations of BME Graduate Entrepreneurs

The purpose of this research is to profile the characteristics and entrepreneurial motivations of graduate entrepreneurs from black and minority ethnic (BME) communities.... ( November 2007, More details )

How SME Owners’ Characteristics Influences External Advice and Access to Finance

This paper aims to investigate the linkage between the use of external advice and access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, with particular consideration of differences in personal characteristics: gender, ethnicity and education.... ( November 2007, More details )

Strategy Tools as Boundary Objects: A Strategy-as-practice Perspective

This review is structured in three sections and provides a conceptual framework for the empirical analysis of strategy tools as they are used in practice.... ( November 2007, More details )

Evaluating The Performance of a Eurodivisia Index Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

We compare two methods in order to predict inflation rates in Europe.... ( November 2007, More details )

Relocation: A More Complete Picture

The idea that relocation can cause detriment in the lives of individuals is now relatively accepted in the management community, however much less attention has been devoted to studying the benefits of relocation.... ( November 2007, More details )

Capturing Strategy as an Everyday Practice: Quantitative Methodologies for Analysing Practice Data

Few works address methodological issues of how to conduct strategy-as-practice research and even fewer focus on how to analyse the subsequent data in ways that illuminate strategy as an everyday, social practice.... ( October 2007, More details )

The Impact of Islamic Banking on the Cost Efficiency and Productivity Change of Malaysian Commercial Banks

This study employs stochastic frontier analysis to analyze Malaysian commercial banks during 1996-2002, and particularly focuses on determining the impact of Islamic banking on performance.... ( September 2007, More details )

On the Adoption Decision and the Intensity of use of Complementary Innovations: The Intra Firm Diffusion of Management Practices Across UK Establishments

This paper contributes to the literature on the intra-firm diffusion of innovations by investigating the factors that affect the firm’s decision to adopt and use sets of complementary innovations.... ( September 2007, More details )

Family Relocation: Worse or Just Different?

Organisational relocation directly affects the family.... ( September 2007, More details )

To Move Or Not To Move – A Question Of Family?

Moving is an organisational phenomenon where the influence of family is prominent.... ( September 2007, More details )

Externality Effects Of Information And Communication Technologies Across Country Borders

As information and communications technology (ICT) involves both traditional capital and knowledge capital, potential spillovers through various mechanisms can occur.... ( June 2007, More details )

Determinant Of Broadband Internet Adoption And Continuance In Singapore

In spite of increasing significance of Broadband Internet, there are not many research papers explicitly addressing issues pertaining to its deployment and continuance.... ( June 2007, More details )

Evolution, Recurrency And Kernels In Learning To Model Inflation

This paper provides the most fully comprehensive evidence to date on whether or not monetary aggregates are valuable for forecasting US inflation in the early to mid 2000s.... ( June 2007, More details )

Finding Natural Groups In Data: An Application To Strategic Group Research

The best way of finding “natural groups” in management research remains subject to debate and within the literature there is no accepted consensus.... ( April 2007, More details )

The Limits Of Open Innovation: Openness And (quasi-)markets In The Organization Of Innovation

Recent studies have stressed the importance of ‘open innovation’ as a means of enhancing innovation performance.... ( April 2007, More details )

Gender Differentials In Access To Finance For Business Start-up In The Uk– An Econometric Analysis Of Gem Data

This paper uses an econometric approach to analyse gender differences in access to finance for business start-up based on the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2004 database.... ( March 2007, More details )

Innovation, Ownership And Profitability

There is lots of evidence that innovating firms are persistently more profitable than non-innovators, but little agreement on why this is the case.... ( March 2007, More details )

FDI, Trade and Growth, a Causal Link?

This paper explores the relationship between imports, exports, foreign direct investment and growth.... ( March 2007, More details )

Mean-variance Vs. Full-scale Optimization:broad Evidence for the UK

This article investigates the performance of a model called Full-Scale Optimisation, which was presented recently and is used for financial investment advice.... ( March 2007, More details )

Technology Flows, Outsourcing and Productivity: An Analysis of UK Trade and FDI

By engaging in trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) with foreign partners, a country can access the R&D and related knowledge stocks of other countries (by accident or by design) and so benefit from those stocks of knowledge at a cost lower than that which would be incurred by developing the knowledge internally.... ( February 2007, More details )

Causality In Crude Oil Prices

Economic media inform on prices of three well established crude oil benchmarks: Brent, WTI and Dubai Fateh.... ( February 2007, More details )

Black and Minority Ethnic Graduate Entrepreneurs: Motivations, Characteristics and Access to Finance

This paper draws upon four case studies to examine characteristics, entrepreneurial motivations and access to finance of black and minority ethnic (BME) graduates in the UK.... ( February 2007, More details )

Exporting and Productivity in Business Services: Evidence From The United States

Does exporting make firms more productive, or do more productive firms choose to become exporters? Given the amount of resources devoted by governments to supporting exporters, this is an important question.... ( February 2007, More details )

Access To Start Up Finance For Ethnic Minority Graduate Entrepreneurs In The West Midlands: A Gendered Perspective

This aim of this paper, from a study funded by the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship (NCGE), is to explore access to finance for ethnic minority graduate entrepreneurs (EMGEs) with a particular focus on comparisons between different ethnic groups, and men and women.... ( February 2007, More details )

Knowledge, Capabilities and Manufacturing Innovation: A US-Europe Comparison

In this paper we report a comparative analysis of the factors which contribute to the innovation performance of manufacturing firms in the US state of Georgia, and three European regions, the UK regions of Wales and the West Midlands, and the Spanish region of Catalonia.... ( January 2007, More details )

Forecasting Exchange Rates With Linear and Nonlinear Models

In this paper the exchange rate forecasting performance of neural network models are evaluated against random walk and a range of time series models.... ( January 2007, More details )

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research