Team Effectiveness, Diversity & Identity

Research on a number of interrelated topics is pursued by group members within this theme. Broadly, the emphasis is on team processes (such as leadership, knowledge transfer, decision making and organising), effectiveness, team innovation and creativity.

  • Robin Martin conducts research examining how minorities can be innovative and change peoples’ attitude and behaviour and be instruments of social change within a group.

The construct of diversity in the context of group processes and their outcomes is also examined with the group:

  • Jeremy Dawson is involved in research determining satisfactory response rates from teams and measurement of diversity in small groups.
  • Helen Shipton examines the impact of HR practice on team performance.
  • Carole Parkes highlights the impact of positive feelings at the work place on organisational innovation.
  • Patrick Tissington’s research focuses on identification and commitment at the work place.
  • Michael Butler has research interests in change management and decision making with a specific emphasis on the public sector. 
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