Power & Leadership

Robin Martin has extensively looked at the linkages between employees’ ideal and actual manager profiles and the extent to which they predict employee well-being over time.

In addition, he conducts research examining the quality of the relationship between leaders and employees in terms of how this relationship develops and how it affects employee well-being.

Over the years, Sam Aryee and Pawan Budhwar have looked at different aspects of employer-employee relations with a specific emphasis on leader-member exchange, organisational politics and organisational outcomes.

Also, the research of Ann Davis examines the relationship between the individual and the organisation and Sam Aryee's research examines the cultural context of mediating processes linking leadership behaviour and employee work outcomes. Sam Aryee has also examined abusive supervision as a form of counterproductive leadership behaviour which triggers perceptions of injustice on the part of subordinates resulting in reduced performance of citizenship behaviour. 

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