People Management & Organisational Performance

The main focus of research under this theme is on work processes and outcomes, such as human resource management systems and their impact on organisational performance, learning; conflict management; and downsizing.

Research is being pursued in a variety of sectors and different national contexts:

  • Helen Shipton's work demonstrates that HRM can contribute to organisational innovation and she shows how specific HR practices can amplify each other's effect.

  • Sam Aryee has examined the relationship between high-performance HRM systems and organizational performance in the Chinese and Indian context. Sam has also conceptualised perceived insider status as conceptual lens through which to view the employment relationship and motivational implications of the same.

  • Pawan Budhwar focuses on various aspects of HRM in the cross-national comparative context with a specific emphasis on the Indian context. He also has investigated HRM systems and organizational performance in Greek manufacturing firms.

  • Pawan Budhwar and Judy Scully created the Aston Centre for Human Resources (ACHR).
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