Lidia Gheorghiu

Lidia Gheorghiu

Full-time doctoral student

Work & Organisational Psychology Group


Work experience

My working experience has been largely in the social area, in both governmental and nongovernmental organizations in projects targeting poverty, unemployment, social exclusion, human trafficking, abandoned and HIV+ children, as well as children in conflict with the law.  In 2010-2011 I was part of the Transformation Project team, as a research assistant.


BA Sociology, Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Romania; MSc Human Rights and Human Values, Birmingham University, UK

Research keywords

Organisational Change, Receptivity towards Change Framework, Network Learning, Human Rights, Roma Population

Research Description

The goal of this research is to investigate why some organisations/ institutions/societies change and others fail to do so. Also, it will explain how business institutional theory can improve the social status of the Romani population by finding the best policies and strategies to implement them. My argument is that institutions are not iron cages but they are susceptible to change; also, that the cycle of poverty, discrimination and marginalization of Roma population can be broken. The challenge of this research is to improve the receptivity towards change framework by looking at strategy-as-practice, or how strategies for the Roma are drafted and implemented.


Dr Louise Knight, Senior Lecturer in Management, Engineering Systems and Management, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University

Dr Michael J.R. Butler, Senior Lecturer in Management, WOP, Aston University

Selective Publications

As a Research Assistant for the TRANSFORMATION Project, ESRC funded project:

Butler, MJR and Gheorghiu, L (2011) Exploring the Creative Process Leading to the Actor Analysis and Receptivity for Change Toolsets. An Action Research Approach Engaging Co-Reflexivity, the 33rd Annual Conference of EGPA, 2011, Bucharest, Romania.

Butler, MJR and Gheorghiu, L (2011) Managing from the Outside In. Problem Solving through Inter- and Intra-Organizational Innovation, the 15th IRSPM Conference in Dublin, Ireland, 2011, "Value, Innovation, and Partnership".

Butler, MJR and Gheorghiu, L (2011) The TRANSFORMATION Project, Aston Business, as an Innovation Hub – A Co-Reflexive Account of Partnership Initiation, Development, and Impact, the 15th IRSPM Conference in Dublin, Ireland, 2011, "Value, Innovation, and Partnership". 

As a PhD student:

Gheorghiu, L and Butler, MJR (2012) Using receptivity for change and network learning frameworks to explore Roma strategy implementation in Romania. Bucharest, A high receptive context for change, the 16th IRSPM Conference in Rome, Italy, April 2012, “Contradictions in Public Management. Managing in volatile times“.

Gheorghiu, L and Butler, MJR (2011) What’s the Effect of the Public Policies on the Roma Women in Romania?, Nevi Sara Kali-Roma Women’s Journal, 3rd issue, June 2011, p. 152.

Butler, MJR and Gheorghiu, L (2010) Exploring the Failure to Protect the Rights of the Roma Child in Romania, Public Administration and Development, 30(4), pp. 235-246.  

Gheorghiu, L and Butler, MJR (2010) Europe’s Forgotten Citizens-Exploring Poor Health Policy Implementation in Roma Communities: A Network Learning Perspective, the 14th IRSPM Conference in Berne, Switzerland, April 2010, “The Crisis: Challenges of Public Management”.

Butler, MJR and Gheorghiu, L (2010) Evaluating the Skills Strategy through A Graduate Certificate in Management: An Experiential Learning Theory Approach, Education + Training, 52(6/7), pp. 450 – 462.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research