Research Projects

Current Research Projects (ongoing in 2012)

SERV: Exploiting Servitization in West Midlands SMEs

Funded by: DCLG
Faculty Involved:
Prof Tim Baines

EREBUS: Engaging Research for Business Transformation

Funded by: EPSRC
Faculty Involved:
Dr Ben Clegg

Disaster 2.0: Using Web 2.0 applications and Semantic Technologies to strengthen public resilience to disasters.

Funded by: CIPS
Faculty Involved:
Dr Christopher Brewster

SmartAgriFood: Smart Food and Agribusiness: Future Internet for Safe and Healthy Food from Farm to Fork.

Funded by: FP7
Faculty Involved:
Dr Christopher Brewster
Dr Prasanta Dey

Using Semantic Technologies in Encouraging Green Behaviour.

Funded by: Aston University via the Centre for Sustainability and Innovation
Faculty Involved:
Dr Christopher Brewster
Dr Roya Gholami

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research