Trends in Modern Operations Management

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ESRC Seminar Series 2009-2010

The aim of this ESRC sponsored seminar series is to enlighten people about current trends in Operations Management that are affecting the UK.  Each seminar focuses upon a different trend.  The objectives are to:

  • Present industrial and academic perspectives about trends in operations management.
  • Discuss why these trends have occurred and their future potential impact for the UK economy and society.
  • Create a research agenda to help prepare the UK to cope with such trends.

The seminar series debates the current trends presented, their impact upon operations management and shares emerging best practices.  Seminars involve a mixture of academics, consultants, managers and students.  New case studies, best practice and research findings are presented.  The series also aims to set an agenda for further multi-disciplined research.

Seminar 1:  The 'Servitization' of Manufacturing: Developing a Roadmap for Research - 15th January 2009, Cranfield University

Seminar 2:  E-operations: Roles and Challenges for Operations Management - 29th May 2009, Aston University

Seminar 3:  Outsourcing: Challenges for Research & Practice - 14th October 2009, Strathclyde University

Seminar 4:  Strategic Thinking for Lean and Agile Inter-organisational Collaboration - 26th February 2010, Coventry Hilton Hotel

Seminar 5:  Performance Measurement and Quality Management - 26th February 2010, Coventry Hilton Hotel


There are no further upcoming seminars in this series.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research