Upcoming events

Using Social Media to strengthen public resilience to disasters

Masterclass 1 – Protecting the public and building resilience through social media
Date: 5 & 6 November, 2012
Venue: Birmingham, UK
Faculty Involved: Dr Christopher Brewster 

Masterclass 2 – Disaster information: the use of social media and semantic technologies
16 & 17 January, 2013
Venue: Brussels, Belgium.
Faculty Involved: Dr Christopher Brewster

As part of this two year project we are running two Masterclasses to publicise the practices and lessons learnt on social media from across Europe. With five countries involved in the D2.0 project, we have sampled the best of what we found in each country, we aim for the line-up of presentations to be a representative sample of activity. To encourage networking and to build lasting connections, the spaces are limited to 30 attendees. The Masterclasses will be led by Emergency practitioners and Policy Makers from around Europe.

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Past events

EREBUS / Aston India Foundation for Applied Research

Practical Implications of Biomass & Bioenergy Research
9 November 2012
Venue: Aston University
Faculty Involved: Professor Pawan Budhwar, Dr Ben Clegg & Dr Phillip Davies

For further information  download the workshop programme

Hackathon for Disaster Response (h4d2)

Date: 21-23 September 2012
Venue:  Aston University
Faculty Involved: Dr Christopher Brewster

For information on the projects and h4d2, please visit www.h4d2.eu

The International Conference on Manufacturing Research

Managing Technology and Operations to sustain business success
Date: 11-13 September 2012
Venue: Aston University
Faculty Involved:  Professor Tim Baines & Dr Ben Clegg

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