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  • Prof Peter Leeflang (Groningen and Aston Marketing Group) and Lisette De Vries (Groningen) gave the research seminar “Consumer Insights and Social Media” on the 27 th of November as part of the Marketing Group’s Research Seminar Series. Participants came not only from Aston, but also from Warwick, Cranfield and Birmingham University. The seminar was also simultaneously broadcasted on the Internet and followed by academics from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and France. For more information on this and other forthcoming seminars, contact Dr Julien Schmitt.
  • As part of the Aston-Müller partnership on teaching, research and student placement, Michael Inpong (Müller Marketing Director) and other Müller marketing executives participated in several ABS events such as being guest speakers in Marketing modules, referee in a business game, guest speaker for the Marketing Society. For more info, contact Dr Dina Rasolofoarison or Dr Julien Schmitt.
  • Dr Dina Rasolofoarison and Dr Julien Schmitt (both Marketing Group) have participated in the conferences of the European Association for Consumer Research (Barcelona, July 2013) and of the Association for Consumer Research (Chicago, October 2013) with the organisation of a special session about statutory consumption practices.
  • Prof Heiner Evanschitzky gave a key note on Consumer Relationship Fading  at the Research Forum of the Free University Berlin, Germany.


Aston Business School MSc in Market Research & Consultancy receives accreditation

Aston Business School's new MSc in Market Research and Consultancy has been accredited by the Market Research Society (MRS), joining a select group of UK Universities. Graduates will now receive a dual award of the Aston MSc MRC and the MRS Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research Practice.

Honouring creativity: Aston University students scoop McCann Birmingham marketing award
A team of four Aston University students have been awarded for their creativity by marketing agency, McCann Birmingham, at their graduation ceremony last week.

Dr Keith Glanfield, of ABS Marketing Group, has been appointed to serve on the management committee of the British Academy of Management’s Marketing and Retail special interest group. Keith’s role is to lead on industry and practitioner engagement.

Aston Business School BSc in Marketing in the UK top 5
Aston Business School’s undergraduate BSc in Marketing programme has been ranked 5th in the UK in the Complete University Guide 2014.

Aston hosts exclusive Digital Marketing event
Aston Business School promoted the Best of British Digital Marketing as part of a Chartered Institute of Marketing hosted event.

Shoppers drawn ‘straight down the middle’
Shoppers are naturally drawn to products displayed centrally according to researchers at Aston Business School.


The Marketing department of Aston Business School organizes different types of research- related events year round:

  • Research seminars. Organised all year long, these 2-hour seminars are a great opportunity to discover the work of Marketing researchers around the world.

  • Aston Marketing Research Camp. Organised once a year, Aston research camp is a one-day event composed of research presentations by world leading Marketing researchers, thematic workshops and exciting discussions and interactions.

  • Aston Marketing Doctoral Work-in-Progress (WIP). Organised once a year, the doctoral WIP is a one-week event composed of doctoral workshops, presentations of their work by PhD students, and thematic lectures by internal and external guest speakers.

Past Events

18-19 June 2013: Aston doctoral Work-In-Progress (WIP)

Prof. Greg MarshallRollins College
Dr Erik Mooi - University of Amsterdam
Dr Matthew Alexander University of Strathclyde
Prof Heiner Evanschitzky Aston Business School

The purpose of the WIP is to give the opportunity to Aston PhD students to present their work-in-progress in front of faculty members and guest academics. It is also the occasion to attend great lectures made by internal or external guest speakers.

31 May 2013: Aston Marketing Research Camp

Prof. Eric Arnould – University of Bath
Prof. A. Parasuraman –
University of Miami
Prof. Berend Wierenga –
Erasmus University

The purpose of this camp is to bring world-leading researchers in marketing together to generate exciting and fruitful discussions about research practice and identify promising research directions.
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16-19 April 2013: Research Seminar

Prof. Peter Leeflang
Dr Erik Mooi

Title: “Advances Quantitative Methods”

6-7 March 2013: Research Seminar

Prof. Greg Marshall Rollins College

Title: “Strategic Marketing and Marketing Strategy”

Purpose of the course: This seminar is designed to provide the marketing doctoral students with indoctrination to the academic literature in strategic marketing and marketing strategy. Within the time frame of the course, it is impossible to provide anything approximating comprehensive coverage of all the relevant literature. As such, we will utilize a survey approach that highlights a mixture of both historical themes and current topics. By its nature, such an approach implies that some important topics had to be left off the reading list.

18 February 2013: research Seminar

Prof. Kersi Antia - Wisconsin School of Business

Title "Conflict Management and Outcomes in Franchise Relationships: The Role of Regulation"

Franchise relationships are prone to conflict. So as to safeguard the rights of individual franchisees, a number of states have legislated greater franchisor disclosure (registration law) and/or franchisor "termination for good cause" (relationship law). The impact of regulatory oversight on franchisor-franchisee conflict, however, remains unclear. Relying on agency theory arguments, we first assess the impact of the regulatory context on the incidence of litigated conflict, by itself and in combination with the franchise ownership structure. Conditional on litigation, we also predict the impact of franchise regulation on the incidence, nature, and outcomes of franchisor-franchisee conflict. We test our hypotheses using a unique multi-source, archival database of 411 instances of litigation across 75 franchise systems observed over 17 years. Parties' litigation initiation and resolution choices are seen to be driven by regulatory constraints and their combination with the ownership structure of the franchise system, and to result in a trade-off between prevailing in the particular conflict and achieving franchise system growth objectives.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research