Aston Law Society

Aston Law Society is in its third year of existence and has been designed to complement the LLB Law and LLB Law with Management courses. A society such as Aston Law Society is there to offer opportunities that will not only enhance a student’s individual knowledge but also their employability at the end of their degree.

As a committee we hope to bring a fresh and exciting new take on Aston Law Society. We want to provide students with opportunities and events that cannot be missed and will give our members an enhanced knowledge of the legal profession whilst cultivating their extra curricula activities to their chosen profession.

This year is a big year for Aston Law Society in terms of development; we are rebranding and recreating the logo and website in line with our plans to move the society forward.

Throughout the academic year we will work with our current partners and create relationships with new law firms to provide our students with events aimed to give a real insight to the legal world.

Fortunately for our members we are not all work and no play. Being students ourselves we are well acquainted with Birmingham’s night life and plan to share our ‘knowledge’ of a good night out with our incoming students. Our Social Secretary and Events Manager are hoping to provide a range of activities and events that will appeal to everybody’s taste.

If you have any enquiries or wish to become a member please feel free to contact us! www.astonlawsociety.co.uk

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research