A series of Masterclasses are being developed to support companies in analyzing their position and improving their competitiveness during a period of global change. They will be based on in-depth analysis of the current data set, supplemented with analyses of secondary data and findings from complementary industries. Each Masterclass will function as a standalone ‘module’ that can be used on its own or in conjunction with other Masterclasses. The aim is to help develop current and future reinsurance professionals who can access this website for in-house training programmes and provide professional bodies, such as the CII and business schools, with evocative realistic materials based on the industry.

The following is the list of topics:

  • Re - Think Reinsurance: How to shape you future through a strategic understanding of global market forces
  • Fit for Purpose?: How to tailor reinsurance products to insurance industry lifecycles
  • Winning the Game: How to identify reinsurance rivals and spot growth opportunities
  • Be a Better Reinsurer: How to align structure, knowledge and roles for operational excellence
  • Strategic Reinsurance relationships: How to evaluate information and build trust
  • Intelligent Matchmaking: How to maximize value from broking
  • Imagining the Future: How to stay ahead in the reinsurance game through scenario planning

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research