Academic Impact


  • Material artifacts: Practices for doing strategy with 'stuff' (P. Jarzabkowski, P. Spee & M. Smets). Best Paper Award, SAP Interest Group, AoM 2012.

  • Managing Client Relationships to Support Knowledge Generation: An Organizational Ambidexterity Perspective (R. Bednarek, G. Burke, P. Jarzabkowski and M. Smets).

  • Reinsurance Trading in Lloyd's of London: Balancing conflicting-yet-complementary logics in practice (M. Smets, P. Jarzabkowski, G. Burke and P. Spee). Best Paper Proceedings, OMT Division, AoM 2012.

  • Making market cycles: Constructing prices in the wake of catastrophic events. (P. Jarzabkowski, R. Bednarek, L. Cabantous and M. Smets).

  • Charting new territory for organizational ethnography: Insights from a team-based video ethnography of reinsurance trading in London. (M. Smets, G. Burke, P. Jarzabkowski and P. Spee) Best Paper Prize, Ethnography SWG, EGOS 2012.

  • Trading spaces: The embodiment of risk-trading episodes. (with P. Jarzabkowski, G. Burke M. Smets and P. Spee)


  • Professional Development Workshop, Academy of Management, Boston, 2012. Video Recording, New Avenues for Studies of Practice and the Practice of Ethnography. Organizers: Gary Burke, Michael Smets, Paul Spee. Presenters, Discussants and Facilitators: Francois Cooren, Joep Cornelissen, Gail T Fairhurst, Paula Jarzabkowski, Curtis LeBaron, Michael Pratt, Linda Rouleau.

  • Showcase Symposium, Academy of Management, San Antonio, 2011. Video Ethnography and Practitioner Engagement. Chair: Michael Smets, Aston Business School. Discussant: Sally Maitlis, U. of British Columbia. Presentations:

  1. Do They Notice? Does it Matter? - Collecting Reliable Video Ethnographic Data. Presenter: Alexandru Preda; U. of Edinburgh;

  2. “Your” Data but “Our” Interpretation - Team-based Analysis of Video Ethnographic Data. Presenter: Feng Liu, U. of British Columbia;

  3. Making an Impact - How Video Ethnography Can Change What Practitioners See, Know, and Do. Presenter: Curtis LeBaron, Brigham Young U.; Lyndon Garrett, Brigham Young U.;

  4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... - Practicalities and Ethics of Direct Video Feedback.Presenter: Paula Jarzabkowski, Aston U.

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