Research Groups

Aston Business School embraces a wide range of specialisms extending across the full spectrum of business and management disciplines. Our researchers are organised into seven Research Groups, each forming an intellectually vibrant community of academics and research students with common interests.


  • Perfomance measurement and management systems, with specific expertise in the service sector
  • Social, ethical and environmental accounting, financial reporting, transparency and accountability
  • Risk and performance management, risk reporting and the market for audit services

Aston Law

  • Using law proactively to secure a competitive business advantage
  • Commercial contracting in the global context – comparative contract law, particularly formation and remedies
  • Diversity and difference in national corporate governance codes and systems of corporate law
  • New models of financial regulation
  • The management and commercialisation of intellectual property in the European and ASEAN university environment. 

Economics & Strategy

  • Impact of innovation on business performance
  • Strategic performance measurement and the key indicators of decision making
  • Measuring productivity and explaining firm performance
  • Impact of institutions on outward and inward FDI, and impact of FDI
  • Entrepreneurship and impact of institutions on enterprise development 


  • Experimental and empirical modeling of financial markets including the examination of market microstructure and high frequency volatility
  • Corporate finance with particular reference to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and corporate payout policy


  • Managing service and retailing businesses, assessing the Service-Profit Chain, improving franchise businesses, understanding the changing role of customers, employees and organizations in a solution environment
  • Understanding organizational behaviour, sales managers creating a positive climate within the sales force, including ethical behavior and stress management
  • Understanding consumer behaviour, psychological aspects of human decision-making and visual information processing 

Operations & Information Management

  • Supply chain management and collaborative business
  • Project management
  • Servitization and product-service systems
  • Efficiency and productivity analyses methods, especially data envelopment analysis
  • Knowledge management and risk management 

Work & Organisational Psychology

  • Human Resources Management (HRM) and international HRM
  • Leadership and team effectiveness
  • Learning, creativity and innovation 
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Strategy, entrepreneurship and organisational performance
  • Ethics, justice and HRM  
  • Responsibility and sustainability strategies    

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