Visiting scholars


The Visiting Scholars fund enables Visiting Scholars of international standing to visit ABS and to contribute significantly toward the promotion of excellence in research within the School’s Academic Groups, Research Centre’s and Doctoral Programme, through collaboration and knowledge exchange.  The visitor’s contribution and outcome provides the distinction in research in leading to the establishment of improved research links, writing of joint papers or submission of research grant applications.

 Host  Visitor Institution Dates 

Yundan Gong

Guoqiang Qi 

Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce

March - April 2012
Hiro Izushu

Prof. Yoshihiro Eshima

Osaka University of Economics

November 2011


Host  Visitor  Institution Dates 
Prof. Jim Steeley

Prof. John Elder

Colorado State University, USA

January 2013
Dr. Melina Manochin

Dr. Sandra Tillema

The University of Groningen

May - June 2013

Alan Lowe

Dr. Ivo De Loo

Nyenrode Business University

January 2012

Stuart Cooper

Prof. Joan Ballantine

University of Ulster

January & March 2012
Host Visitor Institution Dates 
Dr. Julien Schmitt

Eric Arnould

  May 2013 
Prof. John Rudd

Prof. Mark Johnston 

Crummer Graduate School March/April 2013

Heiner Evanschitzky

Prof. Robert Wilken

ESCP Europe Wirtschaftshochschule Berlin

May - June 2012

Kishore Gopalakrishna Pillai

Dr. Constantinos Hadjichristidis

University of Treno

March 2012

Host  Visitor  Institution Dates
Dr. Roya Gholami

Prof. Alemayehu Molia

RMIT University

June 2013 
Prof. Julia Kotlarsky

Prof. Shan Ling Pan

National University of Singapore

June 2013

Matthew Hall

Prof. He Jinsheng

Tianjin University

August 2012

Dr. Roya Gholami

Prof. Rajiv Kohli

Mason School of Business

October - November 2011

Host Visitor  Institution Dates
Dr. Judy Scully

Dr. Sandra Buttigieg

University of Malta

May - June 2013
Dr. Helen Shipton

Quy Nguyen Huy

INSEAD (Asia Campus

May 2012
Nick Theodorakopoulos 

Prof. Carayannis

George Washington University November 2011

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