The Spring Servitization Conference 2015

Servitization: the theory and impact

18 & 19 May 2015, Aston Business School, Aston University, UK


Servitization continues to grow substantially. Whether driven by concerns over competitors from low cost economies, environmental and economic sustainability, demands for market growth or the potential to exploit new Information and Communication Technologies, more and more manufacturers are innovating their business models to include greater revenue generation around services.

Aston Business School
Aston Business School

The Spring Servitization Conference is dedicated to this phenomenon, and brings together the world’s leading researchers and practitioners to debate the theory and practice of Servitization.

This year the conference will feature:

  •  Keynotes from senior executives at leading manufacturers.

  •  Medley of poster presentations from SMEs adopting advanced services

  •  Double blind refereeing of papers and publication in proceedings

  •  Discounted joining fee for joint industry-academic presentations

 Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  •  Best paper about Information Technology enablement of servitization

  •  Best paper bridging theory and practice on servitization

  •  Best industrial project describing a servitization transformation

  •  Best paper describing a novel business model in servitization

As a result of industry support, we are able to offer a number of discounted registration fees primarily intended to help Early Career Researchers (ERCs) to attend. You can make a request for support to j.forrest1@aston.ac.uk once your abstract has been accepted.

SSC2015 Conference flier can be downloaded here

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