Progressive Politics in Britain Today

Progressive Politics in Britain Today

16 February 2016, 18:00 - 20:00, Aston Business School 

This event will be held  in the Adrian Cadbury Lecture Theatre and doors open 5.45pm

A political discussion on progressive and Green politics in Britain today based on the independent think tank Green House’s new e-book, Green Politics and the Left.

‘Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable - the art of the next best’ said the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. For Greens today, politics has to be more than ‘the next best’. Clearly, political goals have to be attainable but what is often considered attainable has for the last thirty years certainly not been either of the best or even the next best.

The election of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour Party - a Labour leader ‘without historical precedent’ - offers a challenge to all those political groups, organizations and parties that oppose continuing inequality, climate change and the dominance of ‘Capital’. For Greens he offers a special opportunity - an opportunity to articulate and promote a progressive politics that is distinctly different from that of the Labour Party and one which is more suited to successfully addressing the complex and interconnected problems of a 21st century post capitalist future.

Green Politics and the Left explores the new dynamics of Ecologism, Socialism, Democracy and Republicanism. Not everyone will agree with the authors here but democracy, and especially a Green democracy, is about deliberation, participation and informed debate. Let the debate begin.

Speakers: Anne Chapman (Green House), Rupert Read (Chair of Green House / Green Party) and John Blewitt (Aston University)

Event Chair:  John Blewitt

John Blewitt is Co-Director of the MSc Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Aston Business School and is editor of Green House’s And Green Politics and the Left ...


Time Agenda 
18:00 Arrival
18:10 Introduction and Welcome to Green House - TBA       
18:30 Presentations - Anne Chapman, Rupert Read, John Blewitt
19:30 Audience Q & A and Discussion
20:00 Closing

Further information 

The event will take place at:

Aston Business School
Aston University
Aston Triangle
B4 7ET

Please see Conference Aston for information according to your mode of transport. 

Car parking is available at the Millennium Point multi-storey car park, which is situated opposite the University Campus. The car park charges £2.90 for 3 hours and £3.60 for 4 hours. The car park can be accessed via Jennens Road. If using a sat nav please use the following post code: B4 7AP. A precise description of how to drive to this car park and then walk to the campus can be found by clicking the following link.

For further details please contact: 

John Blewitt is Co-Director of the MSc Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Aston Business School and is editor of Green House’s And the Greens Go Marching On ...

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