Special Workshop Sessions: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for IB Research


The 2013 AIB-UKI Conference will include two specialist workshops, designed particularly for PhD students and early-career researchers.  The two sessions will run in parallel.  The first will focus on econometric analysis and data sources, and the second on the use of case studies in qualitative IB research.

Quantitative methods for IB research

(Key presenters: Nigel Driffield, Jun Du and Yama Temouri, Aston University)

  • Why quantitative analysis  matters - what it can do for you (linked to concepts in IB such as firm-level heterogeneity,   experience effects, dynamics, location, multinationality and performance, productivity  etc., as well as endogeneity)

  • Key econometrics - basically fixed effects, xtabond, xtabond2, and possibly Wooldridge sample selection for those who are stata-literate.

  • Data and sources.


Qualitative case study in IB research

(Key presenter: Rebecca Piekkari, Aalto University)

  • The use of the qualitative case study in IB research- recent reviews of top IB and management journals

  • Myths about the case study- Why are PhD students and early career researchers sometimes advised against a case study design?

  • Legitimizing diverse uses of the case study- the use of the case study is not limited to exploratory purposes

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