Prizes, awards and special issues

Prizes will be given at the conference for:

  • The best ICMR paper bridging manufacturing management and technology
  • The best ICMR paper contributing to advancement of industrial practice  
  • The best ICMR paper contributing to advancement of scientific knowledge
  • The best ICMR doctoral paper

Awards will be given in recognition of:

  • Sustained contribution to ICMR conferences  
  • Organisation of the best received ICMR special tracks

Special issues: 

Additionally there will be special journal issues for papers presented at the conference, and these will include:

  • International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation (Organised by  Dr Jose Garza-Reyes, School of Technology, The University of Derby)
  • Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Proceedings of the IMechE Part B (Organised by Dr Peter Ball, Cranfield University)
  • Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management (Organised by Dr Prasanta Dey, Aston University)

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