Doctoral track

ICMR has traditionally had a strong support from early stage researchers.  This year we are organising a special track where doctoral students can both present their work and gain individual and tailored feedback and mentoring from an expert panel.  This track will have the following features.
  • Doctorate students will submit abstracts and papers and register for the conference following the normal process.  
  • These papers will be reviewed and guidance given, but this feedback will recognise that the submission is being made by a doctorate student.
  • Acceptable papers will be published in the proceedings in the normal manner.
  • There will then be a special session for papers of doctorate students.  At this session the student will present a poster rather than presentation.
  • The panel members will then visit and discuss posters individually.
  • Submitting to the doctoral track does not preclude a student from submitting a different paper to the main tracks.
  • Doctorate students can be at any stage of their programme.  We welcome, for example, literature review papers from first year students.

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