Conference history

For over two decades it has been the main manufacturing research conference organised in the UK, successfully bringing researchers, academics and industrialists together to share their knowledge and experiences.  Initiated as a National Conference by the Consortium of UK University Manufacturing Engineering (COMEH) it became an International Conference in 2003.  COMEH is an independent body established in 1978. Its main aim is to promote manufacturing engineering education, training and research.  To achieve this, the Consortium maintains a close liaison with government bodies concerned with the training and continuing development of professional engineers, while responding to appropriate consultative and discussion documents and other initiatives.  COMEH is represented on the Engineering Professor’s Council (EPC) and it organises and supports national manufacturing engineering education research conferences and symposia.

1985 Nottingham

1996 Bath

1986 Napier

1997 Glasgow Caledonian

1987 Nottingham

1998 Derby

1988 Sheffield

1999 Bath

1989 Huddersfield

2000 East London

1990 - None

2001 Cardiff

1991 Hatfield

2002 Leeds Metropolitan

1992 Central England


In 2002 the conference was accorded the title International (ICMR) to reflect the current trends in manufacturing engineering and to promote the exchange of research and engineering application experiences internationally. The ICMR, has since its introduction, incorporated the NCMR. The 7th international conference, ICMR 2009, incorporates the 25th NCMR. The host universities for ICMR have been:

2003 Strathclyde 

2008 Brunel University 

2004 Sheffield Hallam

2009 Warwick University

2005 Cranfield

2010 Durham University

2006 Liverpool John Moores                                        

2011 Glasgow Caledonian                                 

2007 De Montfort University

2012 Aston University

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