First Annual Symposium

Aston Business School (El Shaarani Research Centre in Islamic Business & Finance) and
Durham Business School

  • Date: 3rd - 4th December 2011 
  • Venue: Aston Business School (Adrian Cadbury Lecture Theatre) 
  • Online registration >

Symposium theme

Analytical and Empirical Research in Islamic Finance, Management, Economics and Law

Keynote speech (4.30 - 5.30 Sunday 4th December)

“Can Islamic Finance Be Reformed?”
Prof Mahmoud El-Gamal
Professor of Economics and Statistics, Chair of Islamic Economics, Finance & Management
Rice University, Texas


To offer a venue for thorough review and discussion by selected Islamic Finance Experts of the analytical and empirical research in Islamic Finance and the means to advance this type of research.

Papers to be presented

  • Prof Habib Ahmed (Durham University) “Ethics in Islamic Finance”
  • Dr Omneya Abdelsalam (Aston University), Dr Meryem Fethi (Leicester University) and Dr Mohamed Shaban (Leicester University) “The Value of Coskewness in Islamic Mutual Funds” 
  • Mr Ahmed Alkhamees (University of Warwick), The Impact of Shari’ah Governance Practices on Shari’ah Compliance in Contemporary Islamic Finance.
  • Dr Khaled Aljifri (UAE university), “Profitability Analysis of Islamic Banking: Evidence from GCC Countries”
  • Mehmet Asutay (Durham University), “Conceptualising Islamic Moral Economy in Locating the Social Failure of Islamic Finance”
  • Dr Abdelaziz Chazi (American university of Sharjah), Musa Darayesh (American university of Sharjah) & Abed Al-Naser Abdallah (American university of Sharjah), “A Financial Crisis Buffer: the Case of Islamic Banking”
  • Dr Mohamed Elkomi (Durham University) “Experimental Islamic Finance”
  • Dr Jonathan Ercanbrack (SOAS) “Regulating Islamic Financial Institutions in the United Kingdome”
  • Dr Jonathan Ercanbrack (SOAS) “The Creation of an Open Source Islamic Finance Bibliography with Zotero Citation Manager”
  • Dr Haidar Hamoudi (University of Pittsburgh School of Law) “Islamic Bank Certification and Muslim Belonging in North America”
  • Prof Mohamed Shahid Ibrahim (Bangor University) & Dr Mustapha Sheikh (Leeds University) “Reviving the Spirit of the Mudarabah Facility through the Participating Preferred Ijarah Facility”
  • Prof Narjess Boubakri (American University of Sharjah), Dr Abdelaziz Chazi (American university of Sharjah) & Dr Ashraf Khallaf (American university of Sharjah) “Corporate Governance and Bank Performance: Islamic versus non Islamic in GCC”
  • Prof Christophe Godlewski (Strasbourg Business School), Dr Rima Turk Ariss (Lebanese American University) & Prof Laurent Weill (Strasbourg Business School), “Do Markets Perceive Sukuk and Conventional Bonds as Different Financing Instruments?”
  • Dr Abul Hassan (The Islamic Foundation), “Preparing for the Post-Credit Crunch World: Towards Shariah Compliant Sustainable Investing”.
  • Ms Sara Navid (Aston University) & Dr Omneya Abdelsalam (Aston University), “Is Islamic Banking Unique?”
  • Dr Mona Said (American University of Cairo) “Equity dimensions of Islamic Finance and Microfinance”
  • Ms Murizah Osman Salleh (Bangor University), Dr Aziz Jaafar (Bangor University) & Prof Mohamed Shahid Ibrahim (Bangor University), “The Inhibition of Usury (Riba An-Nasiah) and the Economic Underdevelopment of the Muslim World”
  • Dr Rania Salem (German University in Cairo) “Improving Risk Management in Islamic Banks”
  • Dr Emili Tortosa-Ausina (Universitat Jaume) & Juan Carlos Matallin Saez (Universitat Jaume) & Dr Omneya Abdelsalam (Aston University) “The Performance of Ethical and Islamic Mutual funds: A Non-parametric Frontier Approach” 

The event starts at 12.00 on 3rd and ends at 5.30 on 4th December.

Full papers (or presentations) should be submitted to the organisers by 21st  November 2011.

Contact the organisers if you have any questions or book a place online.

The organisers:

Omneya Abdelsalam
Aston Business School, 
Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ET. UK

Mohamed El-Komi
Durham Business School,
Durham University, Mill Hill Lane, Durham City, DH1 3LB, UK

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