History of IHRM

The first International Human Resource Management Conference took place in the late 1980’s and for more than 20 years has been held biennially.  IHRM Conferences have been hosted in Singapore, Hong Kong, Ashridge (UK) Gold Coast,( Australia) San Diego (USA) Paderborn, (Germany), Limerick (Ireland) , Coimbatore (India) ,Cairns (Australia), Tallin (Estonia) and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  In June 2010 the 11th IHRM conference will be hosted in Birmingham ,(UK) at Aston Business School.

IHRM conferences have successfully provided the ideal opportunity for academia and HR representatives from all over the world to congregate interact and exchange views. To stimulate and build on ideas and as a result support professional development.

Since 1992 the volunteer Secretariat has coordinated the conference and supported institutions that have been successful in bidding for approval to host each conference. The Global Coordinator is Prof Ben Shaw (Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia) and the Global Secretary is Assoc Prof Paul Davidson (QUT, Brisbane, Australia).

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