Aston Centre for Human Resources (ACHR)


11th International Human Resource Management Conference  

9th -12th June 2010, Aston Business School, Birmingham UK

Aston Business School

Emergence of New Economic Powers:
Management of Human Resources in the Challenging Global Context 

  The Conference on International HRM has met approximately every two years since 1988, bringing together academic teachers and researchers, and industry professionals. You are invited to participate.

The quarter century just past has seen International Human Resource Management (IHRM) evolve into an important field of research, teaching and practice.

A number of significant global developments are currently taking place that have serious implications for IHRM. These include the growth of multinationals in emerging markets, ever increasing levels of foreign direct investments, the growing intensity of cross-border alliances (M&As) involving firms from emerging markets, an increasing trend in business process outsourcing and indeed the challenges created by the present financial crisis and how best to manage in difficult times. 

As a result of these developments, an emergent phenomenon is the ever-increasing movement of people around the globe and the issue of how best to manage them. These can be expatriates, inpatriates, transpatriates, self-initiated expatriates or self-initiated repatriates.

The emerging global economic scenario, in which emerging markets are becoming economically stronger, is creating on the one hand, serious challenges for IHRM policy makers, but on the other hand, immense opportunities for IHRM researchers. Overall, these are exciting times for the field of IHRM as the established patterns of managing human resources (based predominantly on Western MNEs) are now challenged and researchers have the opportunity to explore patterns of HRM systems appropriate to the emergent landscape of global business.

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