Professor Pawan Budhwar (PhD, MCIPD, FBAM, FHEA, AcSS)

Work & Organisational Psychology Department

Pawan Budhwar

A member of the Work and Organisational Psychology Group, Joint Director of the Aston India Centre for Applied Research and Joint Co-Editor-in-Chief of British Journal of Management, Pawan is globally renowned for his research into the international aspects of HRM, and has held many visiting professorships worldwide. 

Pawan’s research interests lie mainly in the linkages between HRM and performance in different international contexts. He conducts the majority of his empirical work in emerging markets, especially in India. Pawan’s work is of great significance given the links with developments within the Indian economy and the scarcity of research in the field within this context. His previous work has been extensively used by academics, especially his three-level framework of factors influencing HRM in a given context. He has examined HRM systems in emerging markets and established links with social, cultural, political and legal contexts, and this is increasingly being referenced by other researchers. 

He has received  funding from a variety of funders such as the ESRC, Society for HRM (USA), British Academy, and ERDF to investigate a variety of HR aspects in different set-ups such as in Indian Call Centres, wherein he highlighted many people management related issues and challenges, and the problems emerging in this sector. 

Pawan regularly delivers keynotes at international and national events. He has received numerous awards for his research achievements.

Position: Professor of International HRM
Phone: +44(0)121 204 3049
Email: p.s.budhwar@aston.ac.uk
Room: SW8012

Pawan has been interviewed by BBC Radio 4 about Aston India Foundation; ITV and Radio 1 for Asian Jewel Awards; Interviewed by Times magazine on global economic crisis and its less impact on Asian economies; Interviewed by local business magazine in Manchester about Aston India Foundation; Coverage provided in Asian Voice and Indian Digest regarding India related seminars, Interviewed by CNN online on challenges in doing business in India, Presented at the West Midlands Economic Forum’s Regional Prospects Series, and Panel Member for Birmingham Focus at the Institute of Directors Convention, London. 
  • BA (Economics and Geography), University College, Rohtak, India 1984
  • MBA (Personnel Management and Marketing), M.D. University, Rohtak, India, 1986
  • MA (Industrial Sociology), M.D University, Rohtak, India, 1988
  • MPhil (Industrial Sociology), M.D. University, Rohtak, India 1990
  • PhD (Cross-National Comparative HRM), Manchester Business School, 1998
  • Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2011

Employment and key positions held

  • Lecturer (December 1988 – September 1993), Department of Business Administration, MD University, Rohtak, India 
  • Tutor, Organisational Behaviour and Statistics (September 1995 – March 1997), Manchester Business School 
  • Lecturer (April 1997 – September 2002), Cardiff Business School 
  • Senior Lecturer (September 2002 – September 2003), Cardiff Business School 
  • Reader (September 2003 – February 2006), Aston Business School 
  • Professor (March 2006 – present), Aston Business School 
  • Research Convenor, Work & Organisational Psychology Group (September 2005 – March 2007), Aston Business School 
  • Head, Work & Organisational Psychology Group (April 2007 – September 2009), Aston Business School 
  • Associate Dean Research (October 2009 – December 2013), Aston Business School 

Visiting Professor to: 

  • ADHEC, Nice (2004) 
  • Trier University (2005; 2007; 2008; 2009; 2011) 
  • ESC Toulouse Business School (2006) 
  • EM Lyon (2007) 
  • University of Saarbrucken (2008) 
  • Cranfield Business School (2009 – 2016) 
  • MDI, India (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) 
  • IIM Indore, India (2014) 
  • International Hellenic University, Greece (2015 - present) 
  • Renmin University, China (2015) 
  • ALBA, Athens, Greece (2015 - present) 
  • Symbiosis International University, Pune, India (2017) 


Key Positions Held: 

1. Governing board member, Centre for Responsible Business, New Delhi (2016 – present). 

2. Co-Editor-in-Chief of British Journal of Management (January 2014 - present). 

3. Member of Scientific Committee for the Association of Business Schools International Guide to Academic Journal Quality (June 2013 – present). 

4. Indian Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop Chair, 2013 and 2014 at the Annual AOM Meetings. 

5. Secretary, India UK Forum (2013 – 2016). 

6. Book Series Editor with Arup Varma, Indian Academy of Management with Palgrave (2015 – present). 

7. Chair of Awards Sub-committee, British Academy of Management (2012 – 2014). 

8. British Academy of Management, Council Member (2011 – 2014). 

9. Associate Editor Human Resource Management (August 2011 - present). 

10. HRM Track and SIG Co-chair, British Academy of Management (2010 - 2014). 

11. Member of conference secretariat (a three-member team) for biennial International HRM conference (2009 – present).   

12. Academy of Management Chair for Caucuses (2008 - 2009). 

13. Associate Dean Research, Aston Business School (October 2009 – December 2013). 

14. Co-Founder and First President of Indian Academy of Management (2009 - 2012). 

15. Senior Associate Editor British Journal of Management (January 2007 - 2010). 

16. Advisor to Commonwealth Commission for Awards of Scholarship and Fellowships (2007 – 2013). 

17. Senate Member, Aston University (2007 – 2010). 

18. Head, Work and Organisational Psychology Group (April 2007 – September 2009).

19. Associate Editor International Journal of Cross Cultural Management (2006 - present). 

20. Research Convenor for Work and Organisational Psychology Group, Aston Business School, September 2005 – March 2007. 

21. Director of Aston Centre for Human Resources (November 2005 – April 2010). 

22. Director of Aston India Centre for Applied Business Research (March 2007 – present). 

23. Member of Editorial Board of Human Resource Management, British Journal of Management, International Journal of Management Reviews, International Journal of HRM, European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology, Thunderbird International Business Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Personnel Review, Cross Cultural Management, Asian Business & Management and Journal of International Business Studies (present). 

24. External Examiner for Ph.D. Thesis: Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki (November 2003); Sheffield University Management School (December 2004); Stirling University (June 2005), Manchester Business School (July 2006 and July 2007), Open University (March 2008), UCT Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town (December 2009), S.J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay (March 2010), Norwich Business School (October 2010), Cardiff Business School (November 2010), Griffith University (May 2011), Universiti Putra Malaysia (September 2010), Griffith University (February, 2012), University of Fiji (July 2013), University of Portsmouth (October 2013), IIT Roorkee (November 2013), Edith Cowan University (February 2014), IIT Delhi (March 2014), University of Melbourne (January 2014), Reading University (August 2014), Norwich Business School (October 2014), Cardiff Business School (November 2014), Birkbeck College (November 2014), Multimedia University, Malaysia (February 2015), University of Luton (March 2015), COMSATS, Islamabad (April, 2015), Cardiff University (November 2015), Heriot Watt University (April 2016), Universiti Putra, Malaysia (May 2016), IIT Delhi (July 2016), COMSATS, Islamabad (August 2016; January 2017), Durham University (February 2017), University of Goettingen (May 2017). 

25. Internal Examiner for 15+ PhD Theses. 

26. Lead the ‘adopt a new member’ initiative at the Academy of Management Annual Conference, August 2010. 

27. Member of Academy of Management Task Force (it was a 5-member team) looking at welcoming of international members at AOM (2009). 

28. Member of Academy of Management Committee to develop criteria to select on an annual basis the most important contributor to field of International HRM (2005; 2009; 2017).  

29. Member of Academy of Management Committee for the HR Division to develop the field of International HRM within the Academy (2005 - 2011). 

30. External Examiner for Postgraduate HRM Modules, The University of Plymouth Business School (2003 – 2008). 

31. External Examiner for MSc HRM Dissertations, School of Management, UMIST (2003 – 2008).  

32. Deputy Director, Asian Accounting Finance and Business Research Unit, Cardiff Business School (2003).  

33. Programme Director for MSc HRM, Cardiff Business School (2002 – 2003). 

34.Member of Admission Committee, Equal Opportunity Committee and Studentship Awards Committee, Cardiff Business School (2001 – 2003).  

35. Course Consultant for University of Arab Emirates (2001 - 2010).  

36. Assistant Editor, UK AIB Newsletter (2000-2002). 

37. City in-charge of India Cultural Activities – Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (UK) (1999 – 2014, Cardiff and West Bromwich). 

38. Editor of Manchester Business School Research Newsletter (1995-1997). 

39. Programme Director for Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations at Institute of Management Studies and Research, M.D. University, India (1990-1993).  

40. Member of different committees such as admissions, exams, disciplinary, selection of university cricket, lawn tennis and football teams, and recruitment of staff members at the Department of Business Administration, M.D. University, India (1989-1993). 

41. Staff Advisor to students at the Department of Business Administration, M.D. University, India (1989-1993). 

  • BH1109, International Perspectives in Organisations (Guest Lecturer) 
  • BH3393, Global Working (Guest Lecturer) 
  • BHM370, Strategic Human Resource Management in a Global Context 
  • BHM354, Strategic Human Resource Management 
  • BHMPROJ, Masters Project 
  • DISS1, Dissertation Part 1 
  • DISS2, Dissertation Part 2 
  • DR1SUP, Doctoral Supervision 1 
  • DR2SUP, Doctoral Supervision 2 
  • DR3SUP, Doctoral Supervision 3 
  • MBAPROJ, Project Part B
  • Managing Human Resources in Emerging Markets 
  • Expatriate Management 
  • Employer-Employee Relationships 
  • HRM and Performance 
  • International and Strategic HRM
  • Society for HRM Foundation (USA) Grant to Examine HRM Strategies & Practices across Subsidiaries in Multinational Corporations from Emerging Economies – An Indian Perspective, 2008-2010 (US $36228, with Mohan Thite and Adrian Wilkinson of Griffith University, Australia). 
  •  Science Bridge Grant to investigate Bio-energy: Technology and Business Solutions for the UK and India, 2009-2012 (£1.5 mn in total with School of Engineering, Aston University. Aston Business School’s share = £117,000 with Prasanta Dey). 
  • British Academy Conference Award (£17475) for 11th IHRM Conference, 2010. 
  • ESRC CASE Studentship, 2011-2014 (£75,000) Public Sector Organisational Redesign: Exploring Links between Organisational Redesign, Innovation, Human Resource Management and Service Delivery (with Judy Scully). 
  • ESRC Grant, 2011 (£10,000) on ESRC Emerging Economies Review (with Sumon Bhaumik). 
  • ESRC Seminar, 2011-12 (£15,000) Organizational innovation, people management and sustained performance: towards a multi-level framework for medium-sized businesses (with Helen Shipton – Aston University, Helen Bimrose - Warwick University and Paul Sparrow - University of Lancaster). 
  • KEEN Grant 2013-2015 (£86,000) To develop assessment tools to demonstrate financial and social impact of My Time CIC (Community Interest Company) Services (with Judy Scully and Jo Lyubovnikova). 
  • EREBUS Placement Grant 2012-2013 (£7,000) Mapping areas of potential collaboration for future partnership opportunity (with Judy Scully and Carole Parkes). 
  • ERDF Grant on Innovation Vouchers 2012 (£237,862) with Nick Theodorakoulos, Geoff Parkes, and Stathis Tapinos (2013-2015). 
  • KTP Grant 2014-2016 (£139,722) To Conceptualise, Design, Deliver and Evaluate a Workforce Intelligence Planning System for a Multi-organisational Enterprise in the legal sector (with Judy Scully and Ben Clegg). 
  • ERASMUS Exchange Grant, 2016 (£2000) with MDI, India. 
  • ERDF/ ESIF ‘Innovation Vouchers Award, Phase 2 – Enhancing SME competitiveness through Innovation’ - Jul 2016 – Jun 2019 (£853,416) with Nick Theodorakoulos, Geoff Parkes, and Stathis Tapinos and in partnership with Birmingham City University and University of Wolverhampton. 
  •  ERDF Priority Axis 4 (2017-2019) (£1,211,569) ‘Low Carbon SMEs’ with Prasanta Dey, Ben Clegg, Pavel Albores, Chris Owen, Oscar Rodriguez-Espindola, Breno Nunes, Andrew Greasley, Nicholas Theodorakopoulos, Edward Sweeney, Louise Knight, and Aris Matopoulos, Aston University. 
  •  British Academy Small Grant (2017-2019) (£9850) ‘¬¬¬¬Relationships Between Pay-for-Performance, Performance Measurement, Organizational Justice and Employee Performance: A Study of the Indian IT Industry’ with Vishal Gupta, IIM Ahmedabad. 
Pawan has successfully supervised 10 doctoral students.
  • Chartered Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (February 2011 - Present) 
  • Member, Indian Academy of Management (2009 - Present) 
  • Member, Academy of International Business (1996 - Present) 
  • Member, Academy of Management (1996 - Present) 
  • Member, British Academy of Management (1995 - Present) 
  • Member, European Group of Organization Studies (2015 - Present) 
  • Member, Higher Education Academy (2002 - Present)


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Journal articles


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Articles Published: 

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Pawan regularly delivers at ‘Executive Development Programmes’ and delivered on the ‘Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Programme’. Delivered and delivery on the ‘Innovation Vouchers Programmes’ to local SMEs in Midlands. Delivered on training to UK civil servants for three years (2014-2016). Provided training to both African and Indian managers on leadership and change. Regularly deliver professional development workshops (on careers, publishing, research, grant applications, work-life balance, etc) at key conferences and institutions in countries like the USA, UK, China, and India and summer schools in different countries. 
  • Khatri, N., Templer, K.J. and Budhwar, P. (2012) Great (Transformational) Leadership = Chrisma + Vision. South Asian Journal of Global Business Research, 1(1): 38-62 (Emerald Literati Club – Best Paper for 2013). 
  • “Celebrating Success” (annual acknowledgement of achievements by Aston colleagues) – 2009 and 2010. 
  • Finalist for ‘Asian Jewel Award’ – 2007 (sponsored by Lloyds TSB). 
  • Conferred Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (2009). 
  • Conferred Fellowships of the British Academy of Management in recognition of contributions to the field of Business and Management and global academic community (2012). 
  • Conferred fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences in recognition to contributions to Social Sciences and leadership on research related to India (2012). 
  • “Impactful HR Research Award” for paper entitled “Global HR Roles and Factors Influencing their Development – Evidence from Emerging Indian IT Service Multinationals” (by Mohan Thite, Pawan Budhwar and Adrian Wilkinson), presented at the 3rd National Human Resource Development-TITAN HR Showcase programme on the 19th and 20th September 2014. 
  • Aston Excellence Award 2015 – Outstanding Established Researcher of the Year (2015). 
  • Conferred Fellowship of the Indian Academy of Management (2015). 
  • 50th Anniversary Chair Professor, Aston University (2016).