The Aston-Müller Partnership

Aston-Muller Partnership 2

Developing positive synergies

Aston University and Müller Dairy share important common features. Both are embedded in the West Midlands with deep local roots and a sincere attachment to the community. At the same time, both are successful international organisations with a world-wide reputation. Moreover, both have seen their marketing skills praised with Müller earning the 2014 Grocer Brand of the Year Award and Aston being ranked by LinkedIn in 2014 as the 2nd best UK University for marketers. Therefore, it was natural for these two institutions to develop a long-term synergistic partnership.  

Müller sampling event on Aston University Campus

A comprehensive and innovative partnership

The Aston-Müller partnership is one of the most comprehensive collaborations between a business school and a firm as it encompasses the four main activities of the business school:

Teaching: Müller participates in numerous Aston teaching and learning activities by providing guest speakers for modules and real-life data for pedagogical case studies. This develops the employability skills of Aston students, one of the main strengths of the university.

Research: Müller provides support to Aston research projects through access to real-world data. In exchange Aston shares the latest research results with Müller, providing insightful knowledge for better business.

Student Placement: Müller offers placement and job opportunities to Aston students every year. In exchange, Müller has privileged access to a pool of outstanding students to enrich their team. Once a year, positions are offered through a bespoke competition involving all students in the business school. 

Knowledge Transfer: Aston and Müller have also found original ways to share knowledge. Aston academics participate in Müller’s internal Elite Programme and Müller invites Aston staff to job shadow and Aston students to their factory for visits. 

A partnership with high ambitions

Michael Inpong, Müller Marketing Director and finalist for the Marketing Society 2014 Marketing Leader of the Year said: 

We envisage an ambitious future for Müller and this is why we want to recruit the best.  We need talent. In order to enhance our success and continue to grow, we believe in developing talent through coaching and mentoring methods but also in challenging our colleagues to go above and beyond. In this context, working with Aston is pivotal. This partnership is a true win-win collaboration.”

Dr Julien Schmitt and Dr Dina Rasolofoarison at Aston, said: 

What started with a simple guest speaker invitation has evolved into a multi-module, multi-programme partnership. The feedback received from students and members of staff participating in the different activities is outstanding.” 

The Aston-Müller partnership is commensurate with UK Government policy. The UK Government seeks to develop collaboration between universities and companies. This is highlighted in the report “Forging Futures: Building higher skill levels through university and employer collaboration’, published by Universities UK and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. This report examined how employers and higher education institutions are working together to up-skill the nation’s workforce. 

Further Information

For more information, please contact Dr Ian Combe at i.combe@aston.ac.uk

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