Research topics

Company topics

The Aston Centre for Retail Insights (ACRI) at Aston Business School offers advice and joint research activities to industrial partner around these topics:  

Customer Insights

  • Co-creation and customer participation 
  • Communication and sponsorship 
  • Customer inspiration and retail atmospherics 
  • Loyalty management and word-of-mouth 
  • Relationship dynamics 


  • “High Street” marketing 
  • Complaint management and service recovery
  • Franchising and networks governance
  • Management of frontline employees 
  • Retail strategy 
  • Transformative service and retail research 

  Retail Mix

  • Service bundling and solution selling 
  • Service design 
  • Point-of-sale marketing 
  • Price management 
  • Retail and service branding 

  Innovation & Technology

  • E-commerce and E-tailing
  • Social media and retailing
  • Technology and innovation
  • Retail technology: implementation and effectiveness