DBA/PhD topics 

The Aston Centre for Retail Insights (ACRI) at Aston Business School is offering DBA and PhD topics in the area of Retailing. We are particularly seeking applications from the field of Marketing, Network Management, CRM and Innovation. Some suggested topics are:

Managing retail innovations 

  • Implications of digitalization for retail organizations
  • Impact of digitalization on the flow of goods
  • Impact of digitalization on the customer interface 
  • Innovative point-of-sale marketing
  • Innovation management and customer-co-creation
Managing retail consumers
  • Customer inspiration
  • Price perception and price management 
  • Management of store loyalty and customer churn
  • Complaint management in retail businesses
  • Dynamics in customer relationships
  • Management of cross-cultural shopper-behavior

 Managing retail employees

  • Managing frontline employees in retail settings
  • Employee Empowerment in retailing

 Managing retail channels

  • Management of retailing in a global context
  • Multi- and Omni-channel management
  • Management of the retail store brand

 Managing retail data

  • Managing and leveraging retail data
  • Big data in retailing