Research projects and publications

Current projects

  • ·Cognitive shifts during a crisis: How consensus develops in leaders and followers
  • ·The Impact and outcomes of scenario planning
  • ·Forward looking analysis: Investigating how individuals ‘do’ foresight and make sense of the future
  • ·Scenario-driven roadmaps for technological forecasting
  • ·Playing politics: An examination of the psychological foundations of political behaviour in top management teams
  • ·Harnessing the benefits of top management team heterogeneity
  • ·Extending the debate: revisiting the relationships between intuition, expertise, and affect in strategic decision-making
  • ·An empirical examination of decision speed across multiple environmental contexts
  • ·Strategic decision making: multi-theoretic perspectives
  • ·Mental models and strategy implementation in a decentralized setting

Current editorials and grants

  • ·Editing a Special Issue on ‘Scenario Planning Method and Practice’ for Technological Forecasting and Social Change
  • ·£9,400 (2015) SME leaders’ understandings of trade mark rights and their strategies used to exploit innovation. British Academy / Leverhulme Small Research Grant.
  • ·£34,900 (2015) Innovation project development; Coen Ltd.

Completed projects and publications

  • £122,106 (2010) Knowledge Transfer Partnership Scheme; To develop management processes and culture for effective communication with commissioning bodies to secure new service development opportunities through introduction of effective tender responses. Completed.
  • £260,000 (2010) Knowledge Transfer Partnership Scheme; The development and implementation of a business strategy to reposition Factory Master from a product-focussed organisation, to one that is market-oriented, whilst maintaining its technical excellence. Completed.
  • £66,720 ESRC Quota Nomination (3+1) award (Grant number ES/H006729/1) to examine the psychological foundations of strategic decision-making. Completed.
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