Indicative research topics

  • Cognitive shifts in strategy implementation
  • Longitudinal comparisons of management cognition
  • Playing politics: an upper echelons contingency perspective of political behaviour in strategic decision-making
  • Mental models in scenario planning
  • Sensemaking in scenario planning
  • Sensemaking and decision making under high pressure
  • Examining the impact of extreme events on corporate strategy: the case of the UK recession
  • SME leaders’ innovation strategies
  • Top management team intuition: Do they use it when they should during strategic decision-making?
  • The implications of cognitive diversity and top management team behavioural integration for strategic decision-making
  • Behavioural strategy: Exploring the psychological foundations of strategic management
  • Exploring the role of emotions in strategic decision-making
  • Examining the drivers of mergers and acquisitions success and failure
  • The psychological foundations of SME internationalisation
  • The impact of extreme events on strategy
  • Forward looking analysis and judgemental forecasting
  • Corporate foresight and strategy development
  • Perceived uncertainty and strategy development