Research Study - the Influence of Marketing Manager Effectiveness on Business Performance

The Effective Marketing Manager

We recently completed a study at Aston Business School, identifying the Key Competences of Marketing Managers. We are now planning further research with 50 medium to large UK organizations, examining how these characteristics influence marketing department capability and business performance

This research will provide valuable information to improve the future recruitment and training of marketing managers, to the benefit of organizational performance. Research results will be shared with participating organizations.

We are targeting organizations with a marketing department serving the business or business unit and comprising at least three ‘marketing managers’ (up to ten). Our definition of a marketing manager is any managerial position in marketing that has marketing mix responsibility; this includes positions such as Product, Brand, Marketing Manager or similar. The characteristics of the marketing managers would be assessed using and on-line questionnaire taking around 20-25 minutes to complete. Importantly, the data collected will be anonymized and will not be shared with others in your organization.

In addition to examining the characteristics of the managers in your marketing team, we would also like to ask your head of marketing (eg. marketing director) to complete a short questionnaire providing a more general but objective assessment of individual marketing manager capabilities. This should take just 5-10 minutes.

We would also appreciate if your CEO could complete a very short questionnaire (5 minutes). However, we accept that the additional participation of your head of marketing / marketing director or CEO may not always be possible!

The study will take place across summer 2015 and company/individual identities will remain confidential and anonymous in all published results.

As a ‘thank you’ to participating organizations, we will provide you with details of your organization benchmarked against others taking part (anonymized).

For further information, please contact Chris Richardson, at c.richardson3@aston.ac.uk.  Alternatively call direct on 07880 796654 (Chris) or leave a message on 0121 204 4863 and we will call you. 

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