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Law student profiles aston university

'I knew that completing a Law degree at Aston would give me the opportunity to obtain a year in industry, providing real commercial experience that employers so desire.'

Here are some profiles from our current Law students at Aston. Find out why they chose to study at Aston Law School, what their biggest achievements are and more about their placement year.

Charlotte Boon

LLB Law, placement year: Ansons Solicitors 

Law Aston University

Jessica Waldron

LLB Law, final year

Law Aston University

Venandah Madanhi

LLB Law, final year

Venandah Madanhi Law Aston University

Blessing Ngorima

LLB Law, second year

Law Aston University

Bhavisha Parmar

LLB Law, placement year: GE Aviation

Bhavisha Parmar LLB Law Aston University