Law: student profiles

I knew that completing a Law degree at Aston would give me the opportunity to obtain a year in industry, providing real commercial experience that employers so desire."

Law student profiles aston university

Here are some profiles of our current Law students at Aston, as well as alumni. Find out why they chose to study here and the advice they'd give to those considering studying a degree in Law.

Alexia James

Alexia James Law with management Aston university

Charlotte Boon

Law Aston University

Jessica Waldron

Law Aston University

Robyn Stevens

Robyn Stevens Law with Management Aston University

Venandah Madanhi

Venandah Madanhi Law Aston University

Junaid Sheikh 

Junaid Sheikh Law Aston University

Christopher Joynson

Christopher Joynson Aston Law School

Blessing Ngorima

Law Aston University

Chris Benn

Chris Benn

Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts Law Aston University

Ruth Reid

Ruth Reid Law with management aston university

Laura Stockin

Laura Stockin Law Aston University

Bhavisha Parmar

Bhavisha Parmar LLB Law Aston University