Economics, Finance & Entrepreneurship Department

  • Dr Maria Alipranti (Lecturer in Economics)
    Specialisms include: Industrial Organisation and Applied Microeconomics
  • Dr Alcino Azevedo (Senior Lecturer in Finance/Research Convenor)
    Specialisms include: Real Options, Financial Derivatives
  • Professor David Bailey (Professor of Industrial Strategy) 
    Specialisms include: Industrial and Regional Policy
  • Dr Bettina Becker (Lecturer in Entrepreneurship)
    Specialisms include: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Dr Rakesh Bissoondeeal (Senior Lecturer in Economics)
    Specialisms include: Monetary Economics
  • Dr Zheng Cao (Lecturer in Economics)       
  • Mr Colin Chapman (Senior Teaching Fellow in Finance/Associate Dean Student Experience)
    Specialisms include: Personal Finance
  • Dr Sajid Chaudhry (Senior Lecturer in Finance)
  • Dr Hugh Colaco (Lecturer in Finance)
    Specialisms: Corporate Finance
  • Dr Agelos Delis (Lecturer in Economics)
    Specialisms include: International Economics, Productivity, FDI and Brexit
  • Dr Mustapha Douch (Research Fellow)
    Specialisms include: International Economics and Productivity
  • Dr Jun Du (Professor in Economics) 
    Specialisms include: Productivity, Firm Growth, International Trade and FDI) 
  • Mr Jason Evans (Senior Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship)
  • Dr Dean Garratt (Senior Teaching Fellow in Economics)
  • Dr Dudley Gilder (Lecturer in Finance)
    Specialisms include: Financial Markets and Financial Econometrics
  • Mr Jon Guest (Senior Teaching Fellow in Finance & Economics)
    Specialisms include: Teaching, learning and assessment in economics education
  • Professor Mark Hart (Professor in Entrepreneurship)
    Specialisms include: Small Business Growth and Entrepreneurship
  • Professor Christos Ioannidis (Professor in Entrepreneurial Finance)
    Specialisms include: Economic and Finance and Forecasting
  • Dr Hiro Izushi (Senior Lecturer in Innovation)
    Specialisms include: Innovation
  • Dr Kalsoom Jaffar (Teaching Fellow in Finance/International Convenor)
    Specialisms include: Banking and Finance
  • Professor Chris Jones (Professor in Economics/Head of Department)
    Specialisms include: Tax Havens, Corporate Taxation, IB Theory of the MNE and International Trade in Developing Countries
  • Professor Nathan Joseph (Professor of Finance)
    Specialisms include: Finance: Risk Management, Asset Pricing, Corporate Governance and Mergers and Acqusitions
  • Dr Michail Karoglou (Senior Lecturer in Economics)
    Specialisms include: Applied Macroeconometrics and Financial Econometrics
  • Dr Antonios Kassanis (Teaching Fellow in Finance)
    Specialisms include: Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy
  • Dr Karim Kirollos (Teaching Fellow in International Business)
    Specialisms include: Outward FDI from Emerging Countries, Born Global Firms, FDI and Tax Havens
  • Dr Maria Kozlovskaya (Lecturer in Economics)
    Specialisms include: Game Theory and Behavioural Economics
  • Professor Tomasz Mickiewicz (Professor of Economics)
    Specialisms include: Comparative/International Entrepreneurship
  • Bach Nguyen (Lecturer in Economics)
  • Dr Matthew Olczak (Senior Lecturer in Economics)
    Specialisms include: Industrial Organisation and Competition Policy
  • Dr Geetha Ravishankar (Senior Teaching Fellow in Finance & Economics)
    Specialisms include: Performance measurement in trade and financial services industry using econometric and linear programming methods
  • Professor Paul Reynolds (Honorary Professor)
  • Dr Johan Rewilak (Lecturer in Finance)
    Specialisms include: Development Finance
  • Dr Robert Riegler (Teaching Fellow in Economics)
  • Dr Arash Sadeghi (Lecturer in International Business)
  • Dr Susan Schwarz (Lecturer in Entrepreneurship)
    Specialisms include: Entrepreneurship and Emerging Markets
  • Dr Muntasir Shami (Research Associate)
  • Dr Oleksandr Shepotylo (Lecturer in Economics)
  • Dr Meng Song (Lecturer in Entrepreneurship)
  • Dr Dimitrios Stafylas (Lecturer in Finance)
    Specialisms include: Alternative Investments and Financial Markets' Behaviour
  • Professor Ute Stephan (Honorary Professor)
    Specialisms include: Entrepreneurship, Culture and Institutions, Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Motivation & Well-being
  • Dr Yama Temouri (Senior Lecturer in Economics)
    Specialisms include: International Business
  • Dr Konstantinos Tolikas (Senior Lecturer in Financial Economics)
    Specialisms include: Asset Pricing, Risk Measurement, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds and Pension Funds
  • Dr Leonidas Tsiaras (Lecturer in Finance)
    Specialisms include: Financial Econometric, Empirical Finance and Risk Management
  • Mr Kirit Vaidya (Senior Lecturer in Economics)
  • Ms Eva Weinberger (Lecturer in Entrepreneurship)
    Specialisms include: Entrepreneurship and Psychology

Aston Centre for Growth

  • Paula Whitehouse (Director)   
  • Kate Angel (Programme Manager)   
  • Gurdeep Chima (Centre Coordinator)       
  • Vicci Hogan (Programme Engagement Manager)
  • Venandah Madanhi (Programme Manager) 
  • Faye Oliver  (Programme Administrator) 
  • Andrew Maile (CRÈME Centre Manager)
  • Prof Mondor Ram (CRÈME)

Enterprise Research Centre

  Doctoral researchers     

  • Mr A Ahmed (Full-time Doctoral Student)
  • Mr Fatai Olanrewaju Ajidagba (Full-time Doctoral Student)
  • Miss Suad Albulushi (Full-time Doctoral Student)
  • Ms Debra Blisson (Full-time Doctoral Student)
  • Mr Kelon Felix (Full-time Doctoral Student)
  • Julia Fernando (Full-time Doctoral Student)       
  • Anisuddin Gabbur (Full-time Doctoral Student) 
  • Mr Seyedjavad Gholizadeh (Full-time Doctoral Student)  
  • Miss Adaobi Karen Ifedi (Full-time Doctoral Student) 
  • Ms Mandeep Kaur (Full-time Doctoral Student)  
  • Miss Hongya Liang (Full-time Doctoral Student)       
  • Mr Haijian Liang (Full-time Doctoral Student)
  • Mrs Diya Lulla (Full-time Doctoral Student)   
  • Mrs Ha-Phuong Luong (Full-time Doctoral Student)   
  • Mr Alfred Maltby (Part-time Doctoral Student)
  • Miss Uzoamaka Chigoziri Nduka (Full-time Doctoral Student)     
  • Mr Adam Nix (Full-time Doctoral Student)
  • Mr Richard Mochoge Ondimu (Full-time Doctoral Student)       
  • Mr Peter James Pardoe (Part-time Doctoral Student)   
  • Mr Gerald Pearson (DBA Student)
  • Mr Syed Rizwan Pirzada (Full-time Doctoral Student)
  • Mr Afshin Sabri (Full-time Doctoral Student)     
  • Mr Muntasir Shami (Full-time Doctoral Student)   
  • Mr Boyu Su (Full-time Doctoral Student)    
  • Miss Thy Thien Ngoc Tran (Full-time Doctoral Student)
  • Miss Sandrine Tunezerwe (Full-time Doctoral Student)        
  • Miss Xiaocan Yuan (Full-time Doctoral Student)