The Accounting Group at Aston Business School aim to provide a broad and rich learning experience, balancing academic rigour with real-world practical knowledge, to produce rounded graduates and post-graduates with the highest possible employability skills.

The make-up of our faculty reflects this aim. Our lecturers and teaching fellows include experienced academics with research background and professional teachers with significant industrial and consultancy experience. It is this unique mix of academic staff members, which students can expect to be exposed to from day one of their courses,that we believe sets the accounting experience at Aston apart. To learn more about our faculty, please see our Group Members.

We believe strongly in the quality of the learning experience, and we look to constantly innovate in all of our programmes. The latest research, together with relevant case studies and examples from the business world, are embedded into all of our modules.

Our lectures and seminars are supplemented by a wide range of technological innovations, including interactive e-learning, webinars, real-time online quizzes and testing to aid retention, and discussion forums to encourage students to learn from each other. We encourage our students to consider accounting practices and its consequences in its wider socio-political context instead of treating it merely as a neutral technical exercise. 

For more details on our flagship degree programmes, please click on the links below:

We also support the highly regarded Aston MBA and contribute to activities of the Business School including the Centre for Executive Development