One of our core objectives is to give our students the best possible range of career options and workplace skills at the end of their course. Aston is one of the highest rated universities for graduate employability in the country.

Fundamental to our undergraduate course is a valuable and meaningful placement year that has produced some outstanding experiences for students. We have specific teaching modules that focus on careers in accountancy and how to get them, and all of our programmes benefit from guest speaker sessions drawn from our extensive links with industry and the accounting profession. 

Finally, we recognise that in the modern, global world accountants and accountancy is not isolated from other business functions. You can expect our programmes to draw widely from disciplines such as strategy, operations management and finance and well as exploring the wider socio-political dimensions of accountancy.

So whether you see yourself as a CFO of a major corporation, a partner in an accounting firm, a high-level finance officer in the public sector, or accountancy as a stepping stone to a wider career in business, we believe that a degree from Aston provides the best possible start to your working life.