Professor Stan Brignall

Accounting Department

Professor Stan Brignall
Stan left school after ‘A’ levels and went to work for The Boots Co. Ltd, latterly as a factory accountant.  In his late twenties he enrolled as a mature student at Warwick Business School.  After graduation he was appointed lecturer in Accounting and Finance at Warwick and taught widely in accounting and finance at undergraduate and postgraduate levels before joining Aston Business School as a senior lecturer in management accounting in 1998.  Some five years later Stan was appointed Professor of Accounting at Aston and he continued to specialize in the teaching of Management Accounting at undergraduate and postgraduate levels until his retirement in 2010.
Position: Emeritus Professor

Phone: +44(0)121 204 3238
Email: t.j.s.brignall@aston.ac.uk

Stan has an interest in the incorporation of research into the teaching of accounting and finance to both specialist students and those reading for a more general management degree.  He is involved in the supervision of five PhD students, including one at Copenhagen Business School, where he is a visiting professor.  He is a regular reviewer for a range of refereed academic journals such as Management Accounting Research and the British Accounting Review.

Stan’s early published research includes books, book chapters and articles on planning and closure decisions in the UK Coal and Steel industries, inflation accounting and industrial policy.  Later, Stan focused on empirical studies of performance measurement and management and product costing in a range of Private and Public Sector Service Organizations.  More recently the focus has shifted to various aspects of organizational change and their implications for performance management and the roles of management accountants.  Aspects of change studied include process change, performance measurement systems and the impacts of information systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning and Strategic Enterprise Management Systems on the management of multinational organizations.  Some of Stan’s output has been interdisciplinary and dual-methodology, leading to publications in such journals as the International Journal of Operations and Production Management.  Stan has received research grants from CIMA, HEFCE and the NHS Executive.  He was formerly a member of the advisory board of the Performance Measurement Association and the research board of CIMA.


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