Professor Ataur Belal (PHD FCCA FHEA)

Accounting Department

Ataur Belal

I started my career with KPMG Bangladesh in 1990 and worked there as a trainee accountant (1990-1993) and later as a part-time consultant (1994-1997). In January 1994 I joined in Chittagong University, Bangladesh as a full-time lecturer in accounting. Within one year in January, 1995 I was promoted to the post of Assistant Professor because of my excellent performance. After that I worked in Sheffield University Management School for over three years (1999-2002) as a part-time tutor. I left Sheffield in 2003 to take up my current full-time position at Aston Business School. My teaching interest includes social and environmental accounting, financial accounting and international accounting. I held visiting positions and taught in the universities of Toulouse (France), Regensburg (Germany) and De los Andes (Colombia). During my time at Aston for over a decade I have served on various committees such as University Research Ethics Committee, Post Graduate Teaching and Leaning Committee and Staff- Student Consultative Committee. In addition, I have taken on a number of administrative and managerial roles including being Head of Accounting Department, Director of M.Sc. Accounting and Finance and Member of the Aston Business School Senior Management Team. I am currently Head of Accounting Department at Aston.

My principal research interest lies in the area of social and environmental accounting. My work in this area has led to a number of international large project collaborations funded by the British Council, British Academy and CIMA. My work has attracted over 1200 Google scholar citations. Currently I have editorial responsibilities in two journals and editorial board memberships in another two journals. I have presented my research in leading international conferences and workshops in various countries. My research papers have appeared in the leading international journals in the field such as Work, Employment and Society [ABS 4]., Auditing and Accountability Journal [ABS 3], Journal of Business Ethics [ABS 3 and FT Ranked], Critical Perspectives on Accounting [ABS 3], Accounting Forum [ABS 3], Managerial Auditing Journal [ABS 2] and Advances in Accounting [ABS 2].

Position: Professor and Head of Department
Phone: +44(0)121 204 3031
Email: a.r.belal@aston.ac.uk


  • Ph D, University of Sheffield, 2004. Subject: Corporate Social Reporting
  • PCHE, University of Sheffield, 2002.
  • MBA, University of Wales, 1998.
  • M Com, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, 1990.
  • B Com, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, 1989.
  • Professor, Aston Business School, )August 2016 - Present)

  • Reader, Aston Business School. (August 2014 - July 2016)

  • Senior Lecturer, Aston Business School. (August 2011 - August 2014)
  • Visiting Lecturer, University od De Los Andes, Colombia. (2013)
  • Lecturer, Aston Business School. (January 2003 - July 2011)
  • Visiting Lecturer, University of Regensburg, Germany. (2008)
  • Visiting Lecturer, University of Toulouse, France. (2006)
  • Lecturer, Assistant Professor & Associate Professor, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. (January 1994 - December 2002)
  • Assistant Professor, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. (January 1995 - September 1997)

As a member of Accounting Group in the business school I'm currently teaching financial and sustainability accounting at the undergraduate level and postgraduate levels.

In addition, I'm supervising four doctoral students working on the research theme of NGO accountability and another two on sustainability reporting. I'm also engaged in supervising and postgraduate students.


I taught the following modules successfully at all levels of the undergraduate course in Sheffield University Management School (SUMS):

  • MGT 119 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • MGT 102 Introduction to Management Accounting
  • MGT 211 Intermediate Management Accounting
  • MGT 301 Financial Accounting
  • MGT 302 Financial Reporting Theory (including social & environmental accounting)

At Aston I've successfully taught the following undergraduate and postgraduate modules:

  • BF 1101  Principles of Financial Accounting
  • BF 1162  Financial Accounting: an international perspective
  • BF 2211  Financial Accounting
  • BF 1169 International Accounting
  • BFM 221 Financial Statement Preparations
  • BFM 155 Sustainability Accounting and Accountability [Online Module]
  • BFM 223 Sustainability Accounting and Accountability
  • BFM 236 Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • BFMDISS, MSc Dissertation
  • BUP100, Undergraduate Placement Assessment
  • DR1SUP, Doctoral Supervision 1
  • DR2SUP, Doctoral Supervision 2
  • DR3SUP, Doctoral Supervision 3
  • XPBA01, Placement

Teaching commitments in 2015-16

  • DR1SUP, Doctoral Supervision 1
  • DR2SUP, Doctoral Supervision 2
  • DR3SUP, Doctoral Supervision 3

As part of Aston Business School's Internationalisation Programme in 2005 I delivered a course on International Accounting to a group of postgraduate students at the University of Toulouse, France. I also delivered the same course in 2008 at the University of Regensburg, Germany.  During the period of 1994-1997 I've also taught at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. I have worked as an external examiner for doctoral theses in the UK and abroad.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] or Sustainability Reporting from the context of developing countries.
  • Accountability of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
  • Accounting Profession, Globalisation and Big Fours in Asia
Current Project
  • 2016. £8000. CIMA. The role of accountants and management accounting practices in the context of sustainable development in Vietnam. [Co-investigator, Melina Manochin, PI]

Completed Projects
  • 2015. Aston Business School's Seed Corn Fund [£1000] for the project on "Green reporting in  Bangladeshi Banks". Completed in June, 2015. [Principal investigator]

  • 2012. Belal, Ataur (with Stuart Cooper and Prasanta Dey), (£40,000) Climate Change Issues and environmental performance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in India and the UK. In collaboration with the Jadavpur University, India. Awarded by British Council. Date awarded 12/03/2012 [for 2 years]. Completed in December, 2014. [Co-investigator]

  • 2011. Belal, Ataur (with Reiner Grundmann and Prasanta Dey), (£15,000) Corporate Climate Change reporting and the media in BRICs. Awarded by Aston University, UK [Top ranked project in the sustainability related projects competition]. Date awarded August 2009 [for 1 year]. Completed in December, 2011. [Joint Principal investigator] 

  • 2009. Belal, Ataur (with Stuart Cooper and Prasanta Dey), (£45,000) Corporate Reporting & Embeddedness of Environmental and Climate Change Issues in Bangladesh. In collaboration with the Dhaka University, Bangladesh. Awarded by British Council. Date awarded 12/03/2009 [for 3 years]. Completed in September, 2013. [Principal investigator] 

  • 2008. Aston Business School's Internal Fund [£1000] for the project on "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting in a multinational subsidiary in Bangladesh: A Case Study". Completed in December, 2011. [Principal investigator]

  • 2007. 5th APIRA Research Fund based in New Zealand [NZ$3000] for my research work on CSR Reporting.

  • 2007. British Academy's Conference Funding [£800] for the attendance of 5th APIRA Conference in New Zealand.

  • 2000. £20,000 app. Sheffield University Management School Grant (2000 – 2002) for undertaking doctoral work on corporate social reporting. One paper arising from the project has already been published in the refereed journals: Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, Critical Perspectives of Accounting, Journal of Business Ethics and Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal (see below). Several conference presentations were made from the materials arising from the project (see below).

PhD Supervision and Assessment Experience

  • Mr Mohi Uddin, Accountability Changes in an NGO: Institutional and Resource Dependency Perspectives on BRAC, Bangladesh, Completed January, 2014. Now a full time lecturer in the Business School of Queens University of Belfast. [Main Supervisor]

  • Mr Rezaul KabirSustainable Business Practices and Reporting: Case Study of a Garment Manufacturing Company in BangladeshCompleted January, 2017. Now a full time Assistant Professor at the Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University. [Main Supervisor]

  • Mr Teng Li, A Case Study of Sustainability Reporting in a Chines State Owned Oil CompanyCompleted March, 2017. [Main Supervisor]

  • Ms Miranti DewiAn In-Depth Case Study of Beneficiary Accountability Practices by an Indonesian NGO. Completed April, 2017. Now a full-time lecturer at the University of Indonesia. [Main Supervisor]

  • Mr. Muhammad Al Mahameed, CSR Reporting in Arab Spring Countries, Expected Submission Date 30 September, 2018. [Main Supervisor]

  • Mr. David YatesExploring Notions of Accountability within UK Service Organisations, Expected Submission Date 30 September, 2019. [Main Supervisor]
  • Mr. Guodong ChengThe working conditions in MNC's Supply Chains in China: Private Regulation and Corporate Social Responsibility, Expected Submission Date 30 September, 2020. [Main Supervisor]

I have worked as an external examiner for doctoral theses at the following universities: Essex University, Heroitt-Watt University, Queen Mary University of London, Nottingham Trent University, Middlesex University, Macquarie University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. In addition, I have worked as an internal examiner for a number of doctoral theses at Aston.

  • Fellow, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.
  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy.
  • Fellow, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh.
  • Fellow, The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh.
  • Member, British Accounting Association.
  • Associate Editor, Accounting Forum. (January 2014 - Present)
  • Editor, Advances in Environmental Accounting and Management. (January 2014 - Present)
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Issues in Social and Environmental Accounting.
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting.
Journal Articles

Research Recognition and Impact

Administrative Roles and Responsibilities

  • Head of Group. (January 2015 - Present) 
  • Member, Senior Management Team, Aston Business School. (January 2015 - Present)
  • M.Sc. Accounting & Finance Programme Director. (September 2010 - December 2014)
  • Member, Aston University Senate, Since 2013 -

Journal Involvement

I’m also on the editorial board of the following journals:

  • Issues in Social and Environmental Accounting 
  • Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting

Ad hoc Academic Reviewer for the following journals:

  • International Journal of Management Reviews
  • Accounting and Business Research
  • Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal 
  • Journal of Management Studies 
  • Journal of Business Ethics 
  • Critical Perspectives on Accounting 
  • The British Accounting Review 
  • Accounting Forum 
  • Accounting Education: An International Journal 
  • Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies 
  • Journal of Applied Accounting Research 
  • Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management.

External appointments 

  • Currently I am working as an external examiner for M.Sc. International Accounting and Finance programme in Birmingham Business School, UK. [Since 2015]
  • Currently I am working as an external examiner for M.Sc. Accounting and Financial Management programme in Middlesex University Business School, UK. [Since 2013]

  • Chair of the Sub-committee on CSR in Emerging Economies of the Executive Council of Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR), University of St. Andrews, UK [2006-2012]