Research Departments

Our specialists cover all areas of business and management

Aston Business School has six specialist research departments working across a wide range of business and management disciplines.

Each department - listed below – forms a vibrant intellectual community of academics and research students with common interests.

  • Accounting: from performance measurement and management to ethical financial reporting, including risk reporting and audit services.
  • Aston Law: using law proactively to secure competitive business advantages; comparing global commercial contracts; corporate governance codes and corporate law; new models of financial regulation; and commercialising intellectual property.
  • Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship: innovation’s impact on business performance; strategic performance measurement and key indicators of decision making; measuring productivity; the impact of foreign direct investment; and entrepreneurship.
  • Marketing and Strategy: managing service and retailing businesses; improving franchises; the changing role of customers, employees and organisations; understanding organisational behaviour – positive climates, ethics and stress; and understanding consumer behaviour, decision-making and visual information processing.
  • Operations and Information Management: from supply chain collaboration to project management, and from servitization to methods of efficiency and productivity analysis. Also knowledge management and risk management.
  • Work and Organisational Psychology: from strategic and international human resources management to innovation and entrepreneurship, and from SME management to transformational change. Also business ethics, social responsibility and sustainable development; and equality, diversity and leadership.

Our researchers’ contact details are here and they’d be delighted to hear from you if you’ve got any ideas or interest in our work.