Research areas

Intercultural awareness

Aston Business School has a long tradition of research and practice in intercultural awareness training and development.  Work in this area includes:

Professor Pawan Budhwar: Ex-patriot adjustment in HRM practices
Bjorkman, I. and Budhwar, P.S. (2007), ‘Human Resource Management and the performance of foreign firms operating in India’, Employee Relations, Vol.29 (6), pp.595-610.

Dr Yves Guillaume: Organisation and effectiveness of teams

Professor Helen Higson: Intercultural awareness training with staff and students

Professor Robin Martin: Learning from minorities

Professor Michael West: Creativity and innovation in groups
West, M.A. (2002), ‘Sparkling Fountains or Stagnant Ponds: An Integrative Model of Creativity and Innovation Implementation in Work Groups’, Applied Psychology, Vol.51 (3), pp.355-387.

Employability competencies

One of Aston University's objectives is to produce the most employable graduates.  Work in this area includes:

Professor Helen Higson: Reflective learning, employability

Dr Matthew Hall: Employability competencies

Nicola Bullivant: Work placements

Use of IT in Learning and Teaching

This activity particularly takes place in the Operations and Information Management Group, where research is being linked with paractice on a daily basis.  Work in this area includes:

Dr Gary Simpson: Use of computer aided learning packages & multimedia in Teaching/Learning

Dr Pavel Albores: Simulations

Ms Odette Hutchinson: Innovative approaches to Legal Education

Quality Management of Higher Education 

Work in this area includes:

Dr Prashanta Dey and Dr William Ho: Measuring performance in HE

Professor Helen Higson: Attracting and fulfilling the needs of students from ethnic groups

Widening Participation

Aston has always been at the forefront of encouraging access to HE from a range of under-represented groups.  The University exceeds all the benchmarks on proportion of students from state schools and colleges, and participation from the Lowest Social Classes and Low Participation Neighbourhoods.  Drop-out rate from our degree programmes is lower than the benchmark.  Recent work in this area includes:

Ms Catherine Foster: Parental influence on study

Professor Helen Higson: Attracting and fulfilling the needs of students from ethnic groups

Further details of output in these areas can be found here.