Postgraduate opportunities

Research in progress:

  • 'How do Public Private Partnerships influence Business School Performance in the English Speaking Caribbean'
  • 'A Performance-oriented Model to Leading across Differences and Managing Internationalisation Process' (completed)
  • 'Influence of Parents on Student Integration Success and Achievement at University'
  • 'An Investigation of Students' Perceptions of  Marketing Language in Terms of Shaping Their Learning Experience'
  • Measuring the Impact of Transformational Leadership Development Programmes'
  • 'Scientific Financial Resources Allocation Processes: A Model for Critical Resources Mobilization and Deployment for Nigerian University'
  • 'To what Extent does postgraduate Management Education create Employable Graduates?'
  • 'A Conceptual Model on the Antecedents and Consequences of Perceived Employability from a Service Marketing Perspective'

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