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Completed Seminars - 2010/11 series

Dr Colin Beard (Sheffield Hallam University): Mind, body and field in the experience of learning

Odette Hutchinson (Aston Business School): Using Motivational Techniques to Give and Receive Student Feedback

Dr Roy Smith (Aston University): 'Managing the Student Experience for Cross-disciplinary Undergraduates'

2009/10 Seminar Programme

The 2009/10 Seminar Series was opened in November 2009 by Carole Parkes (Aston Business School): Giving voice to values - reflective learning and interdisciplinarity in teaching ethics, social responsibility and sustainability

In December 2009, Charlotte Gladstone-Millar (Portsmouth Business School) and Professor Helen Higson (Aston Business School) presented research findings of their joint research study Supporting the Development of New Academic Staff in Business Disciplines 

In February 2010, Professor Lindsey McEwen (University of Gloucestershire) gave a seminar on Taught postgraduate learning experiences - stakeholder perceptions on postgraduateness,  interdisciplinary learning at that level and  transitions to taught postgraduate learning 

In antcipation of interruptions due to the announced railway strike, it was with regret that we decided to cancel the seminar by Dr Valerie Clifford (Oxford Brookes University): Negotiating Curriculum Change for Internationalisation for All Students on 8 April 2010.


2008/9 Seminar Programme

The 2008/09 Seminar Series opened in October 2008 with a presentation by Dr Monica Giulietti (Aston Business School): Strategy tools adoption: evidence from UK business schools' alumni

In November 2008 Dr Robin Clark (CLIPP, Aston University) talked about Adventures in learning and teaching – the path to a National Teaching Fellowship
Presentation slides are available from the author.

In December 2008 Dr John Fletcher (CEAC, Aston University) presented Teaching of sustainability module

The Series continued in February 2009 with a seminar by Dr Edgar Whitley (London School of Economics): Why plagiarism detection software might not catch cheats

In March 2009 Dr Mark Palmer (Aston Business School) presented the seminar Transitions, textbooks and troubles: my research agenda for management pedagogy

The Series concluded in April 2009 with the seminar presented by Peter Reddy (LHS, Aston University) Implementation intention and approach to study


2007-8 Seminar Programme

8th November 2007- Pete Reddy (Aston University)
Becoming an Undergraduate: Integrating study skills and Integrating students’

6th December 2007 – Dr Laurie Lomas (King’s College London)
‘The Locus of Power in UK Universities’

7th February 2008 – Dr Julia Lawrence and Dr Kelly Ashford (Leeds Metropolitan University & Brunel University)
‘Gender Differences in Coping Strategies Of Undergraduate Students and their Impact on Self-Esteem and Attainment’

6th March 2008 - Kathryn Penaluna & Dr Andy Penaluna (Swansea Institute of Higher Education)
'Drawing Parallels: Design and Business combined for Entrepreneurship Education'

10th April 2008 - Dr Karen Smith (Heriot-Watt University)   
‘The Conflicts and Traditions of Working in a Mass Higher Education System’

27th May 2008 - Prof Andrea Nolan (University of Glasgow)         
‘The Challenges of Quality Enhancement’

2006-7 Seminar Programme

Friday 10th November 2006 - Henry Miller & Chris Bolsmann (Aston University)
'Attitudes and Policy Towards International Students: Competing Rationales'

Wednesday 6th December 2006 - Dr Jane Andrews (Aston University)
Wheeling Up Mountains: Reflections On A Study Of Disabled Volunteers'

Wednesday 17th January 2007 - Sushmita Jha (Aston University)
‘Views and experience of Aston undergraduate students in connection with student finance, debt and employment’

Friday 2nd February 2007 - Dr Mike Prosser (Higher Education Academy)
‘The National Student Survey and the Student Learning Experience’

Wednesday 7th March 2007 – Helen Shipton (Aston University)
‘The future of business schools in the UK: Finding a path to success’

Thursday 24th May 2007 - Prof Margaret Harris & Dr Jane Andrews (Aston University)
'Graduate Study and Managers' Subsequent Work Experience: Findings from a study of ABS alumni'


2005-6 Seminar Programme

Friday 11th November – Prof Kim James (Cranfield University)
Tailoring your learning designs to different business school groups -Are there differences between working with executive development clients and degree programmes?

Friday 9th December – Dr Jacqueline Jeynes (Opal Services)
Women Entrepreneurs

Friday 20th January – Dr Helen Higson & Catherine Foster (ABS)
Widening Participation in the Business School – Involving the Family

Friday 10th February - Dr Christine Hockings (Wolverhampton University)
Approaches to Learning Theory

Thursday 30th March – Gina Herzfeldt (ABS PhD WOP Group)
Lessons Learnt from Intercultural Training for International Placements

June - Stewart Clegg
Ethics in Practice

2004-5 Seminar Programme

Tuesday 19th April - Paula Jarzabkowski (ABS Strategic Management)
Using Strategy Knowledge in Practice

Friday 4th March - Professor John Sizer
Governance, Management and Accountability in UK Higher Education, 1992-2001

Friday 4th February - Yves Guillaume (ABS WOP Group)
Team Climate for Learning Study

Wednesday 12th January - David Baume (Educational Consultant)
Course Evaluation for Course Improvement

Friday 12th November - Professor Mike Healey
Linking Research and Teaching: Disciplinary Perspectives

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research